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Tukre-Tukre Gang: Delhi to Begusarai
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 29 Apr , 2019

The Tukre-Tukre forces have travelled from JNU to Begusarai in Bihar, taking the electoral route to subvert and splinter India. The Tukre-Tukre enterprise is a mélange of anti-national forces, i.e. the jihadis, the Maoists and the Church. Both the jihadis and the Maoists ideologies do not believe in democracy, both revel in blood, and both are imported ideologies.

A BJP MLA, Bhima Mandvi, in Chhattisgarh has been killed by the Maoists. In fact, before every election there are such political killings by the Maoists. Earlier in May 2013, it may be reminded Mahindra Karma and VC Shukla, two Congress leaders were riddled with bullets by women Maoist cadres, who did the ‘dance of death’ around the slain corpses. Since Chhattisgarh, located on the tri-junction of Eastern Maharastra, Odisa and Telangana, is the epicenter of Maoism. These killings are done to influence elections. In the ongoing elections, there were at least 15 booths in Malkangiri district of Odisa, where not a vote was cast due to the fear of the Maoist. Malkangiri serves as the rear and recoup area. At another place in the same district, the poll party comprising 40 officials had to trek 20 kilometers through jungle because of the imminence of Maoist ambush. They trekked through unchartered routes by GPS and spent the night on a hill top under heavy rain. Yet they did not allow any harm to the EVMs. These are the kind of nationalist forces pitted against the ‘Tukre-Tukre Gang’.

Imported ideologies are dangerous because each country evolves in its own manner given its history, geography and religious mornings. India has an ageless civilization, buffeted by invaders and barbarians, yet the Indian civilizations has survived. India, therefore, certainly does not need ideologies, which are few decades old. India certainly does not deserve to be impacted by ideologies which are wasting themselves out on their way to extinction. Jihadism has come to be inflection point of suicide bombers and Maoism is a discredited ideology.

The man who scripted the JNU Tukre-Tukre show was one Iqbal Cheema, an ISI operative posted with Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi. The show was neither impromptu nor incidental. It was well planned and carefully crafted. The spot was strategically selected. As Iqbal Cheema brought the Maoist, Jihadi and Kashmiri separatists together in JNU, similar demonstrations were witnessed in Jadavpur University and Osmania University as well. These regional cores were also selected to effect the combination of the same anti-national forces. The combination of Jihadism and Maoism was then fanned from these centers. It was done to galvanize the anti-India elements across the country. The message that emanated from JNU acted as a catalyst for countrywide alliance. One major purpose of the JNU show was to propel Kanhiya to the status of a poster boy.

A section of the political class had done a deal with Pakistan and China for effecting the tryst between Maoists and the jihadis. The said political class has been acting through the Pak and Chinese embassies to leverage on their proxies for electoral purposes. The nexus between this political class and the Chinese was exposed when a political leader was seen entering the Chinese embassy surreptitiously during the Doklam crisis. The nexus of this political class with Pakistan embassy hardly needs to be reiterated. Now this ‘Tukre-Tukre’ forces have the gumption to make way to Begusarai.

It is worthwhile to go into the genesis of the growth of jihadism and Maoism in India. 1979 was very significant year in human history. It was in this year that the Islamic Revolution in Iran took place. Khomeini tried to establish himself as the leader of not only Shiites but the entire Muslim world. He declared the Gulf Monarchies un-Islamic. He gave call for destruction of Israel. The Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia in order to neutralize Iran unleashed the most fundamentalist variety of Wahhabism within the country and outside. Since, there was an oil boom at that time, and petro-dollars were pouring in, there was no dearth of money to spread Wahhabism throughout the world. It was at this time that unprecedented number of Indian Muslims, especially from South India, found employment in the Gulf monarchies. The religious temper of that time in the Gulf was such that they ended up being radicalized even before the Pakistanis did.

Then in the same year, i.e. 1979, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. US-Saudi-Pak alliance created a jihadi force, which fought the Soviet forces for a decade in the battlefields of Afghanistan. The 10 year war was given the binary of Islam versus Communism. Islamic jihad defeated the communist forces and thus the Cold War came to an end. Unfortunately, however both the victor and vanquished forces, i.e. the jihadis and the Communists (Maoists)respectively began to play their murderous games on the body and soul of India.

The meeting of these forces was facilitated by the political class of India, the same political class which is in league with the Maoists, the same political class which had love for BinayakSen, the same political class which justified the killing of Mahindra Karma and V.C. Shukla by classing the Maoists ‘revolutionaries’. The same political class forged the alliance between the jihadists and Maoists, and then inserted the Church into it, the same political class which prompted Kejriwal to float a new party. The same political class has promised in its manifesto to remove ‘sedition laws’and ‘AFSPA’. On the other hand, Kejriwal has refused to accord sanction prosecution of Kanhiya and other members of the Tukre-Tukre gang. It was same political class, which organized calculated minor attacks on Churches before the Delhi assembly elections, to garner funds from Western sources. The same political class then tried to fabricate ‘Hindu Terror’ and went to the extent of 26/11. This political class came into existence one and half decades back with the ascendance of a ‘super Prime Minister’ of foreign origin.

Recently, one Kirti Dolpa, a tribal girl in the Abujmarh forest area of Chhattisgarh, which is also deemed by Maoists as ‘liberated zone’, setup a medicine shop, the first one in that Maoist controlled zone. Binayak Sen, who claimed himself Doctor, never thought of doing so because he is basically a Maoist backed by Church and the former Super Prime Minister.

When 26/11 conspiracy failed owing to Ajmal Kasab, the same political class then unleashed IshratJahan of LeT to eliminate MrModi and then came the bomb-blasts in October 2013 at Patna Gandhi Maidan. In respect of Batla House encounter, both Kejriwal and the said politician were seen in perfect alignment, one called it ‘fake’ and the other ‘shed copious tears’.

In 2014, some 23 NGOs of several hues, i.e. Maoists, jihadis or backed by Church swooped down on Varanasi in support of Mr Kejriwal and against Modi. Is it surprising that the same elements have now descended on a small district town of Begusarai in support of Kanhiya.

One top leader of a major regional party in Bihar confided to a senior journalist that he received hundreds of calls from US, UK, France, Norway, lawyers, judges, Bollywood — frantically urging not to field a candidate against Kanhiya. 

The Kashmiri jihadis are also operating in favour of Kanhiya in Begusarai. It is another matter that no person from Begusarai can operate in the Kashmir Valley for similar purpose. He would be lynched and his dead body would be mutilated. The agenda is therefore not of ‘Azadi’ or ‘Kashmiriyat’, it is the destruction of India.

Why Begusarai? The ‘Tukre-Tukre gang’ has not electorally selected Begusarai only because there are strong communist pockets in the constituency. It has been chosen for strategic purposes because as we go eastwards from Begusarai, the percentage of Muslim population increases correspondingly. Estimates reveal that while the Muslim population in Begusarai is 18 percent, it increases to more than 40 percent in Purnea, becomes almost equal in Araria and swells to whooping 68 percent in Kishanganj. In our secular country, no non-Muslim can win from Kishanganj. Begusarai has a galvanizing effect on the alliance between the jihadis and the Maoists for the areas in eastern and north-eastern Bihar. They can then complement and supplement each other more effectively in their agenda of splintering India. Kishanganj is almost contiguous to Bangladesh. Compounded with radical elements in Bengal and Assam, the entire Siliguri Corridor becomes vulnerable. Accordingly the northeast, which is a success story of the government, becomes tenous in terms of linkage with rest of the country.

In 1998, the Governor of Assam had submitted a report that several districts in Assam had become Muslim majority, i.e. Dhubri, Gopalpara, Barapeta, and Halaikandi, and Nagaon, Karimganj and Morigaon would soon become so. Gen Sinha was proven right only three years later. As per 2003 census, the Muslim population in various districts was: Barapeta (70.4%), Dhubri (79.67%), Karimganj (56.26%), Gopalpara (57.52%), Halaikandi(60.31%), Nagaon (56.36%), Morigaon (50.56%), Bongiagaon (50.22%) and Darang (64.34%).

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Gen Sinha warned the Home Ministry: “There is a tendency to view illegal migration into Assam as a regional matter affecting only people of Assam. It is more dangerous dimension of greatly undermining our national security, is ignored. Long cherished dream of greater East Pakistan / Bangladesh, making inroads into strategic land link of Assam with the rest of the country can lead to severing the entire landmass of the Northeast, with all its rich resources from the rest of the country.”

It is not just the jihadis, the Maoists and their political patrons who are active in Begusarai. The place is teeming with so-called actors, actresses, so called activists, script writers, Kashmiri separatists, academicians, and students. They are in Begusarai not for the love of Kanhiyabut in pursuance of their larger agenda of ‘Tukre-Tukre’ of India. The script writer, who along with his actress wife has acquired his riches from patriotic Indians, is now urging Muslim voters to vote and en bloc in support of Kanhiya. Maoism, Communism, jihadism and liberalism are very poor cover for sedition in India.

This author recently visited Begusarai to assess the mood and narrative in the elections. The narrative definitely is not predicated on local or regional issues, but on ‘national security’. The dominant thinking or apprehension amongst the majority voters is the safety and security of India. In that perspective, the elections in Begusarai is decisive for India because the ease with which ‘Tukre-Tukre Gang’ has travelled all the way from Delhi. The contest is between the ‘nationalist’ and ‘anti-national’ forces. The nationalist forces are pitted against the jihadi-Maoist combine. It is a contest between the nationalist forces and proxies of Pakistan and China. Balakot was the military facet of proxy war, and Begusarai is its political facet.

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About the Author

RSN Singh

is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW and author of books Asian Strategic and Military Perspective, The Military Factor in Pakistan and The Unmaking of Nepal. His latest books are Know the Anti-Nationals (English) and Know the एंटी-नेशनल्स (Hindi).

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28 thoughts on “Tukre-Tukre Gang: Delhi to Begusarai

  1. Excellent and a well researched article, general people like us don’t think this way. The national highway passing the whole length of the district is indeed a strategic one ,in the sense that it is the only connection to the NE, Begusarai can is definitely a very strategic outpost for the jihadi.

  2. Dear Col.RSN Singh,
    You have got so much intricate details about the conglomeration of these terrorists from local to national to international level that one gets goosebumps just leaning it. It is highly admirable and commendable!
    The more I hear you , the more I read your stuff, the more admiration I feel for you.

    Thank you for enlightening us with your deep research writings.
    You are doing your duty towards your motherland well. It is time we too start contributing towards securing our country.

    Best luck
    God bless you

  3. Chargesheet Against Kanhaiya Kumar has been dismissed by the Delhi Court and Delhi Police has been asked by the court to come with fresh chargesheet alongwith with all the evidences supporting the chargesheet. If you are still saying Kanhaiya or his friends, a traitors then you are committing a crime of “Contempt of Court” and “Tarnishing a preson’s image” without any solid proof. God bless you.

  4. Your mind is biased, bind supporter of a Jumla Party. Why till date our government not chargesheeted him. You are just discriminator and trying to influence confused mind. Your objective will never be fulfilled.

  5. Similar branding was given to Mr Kejriwal. But people elected him with highest majority.
    If you make some one a star out of your false impression, there is a chance Delhi can repeat in Bihar too.
    I wonder, why people are branding person or group to have maximum free advertising and positive popularity? Their debating capability is much higher than other Indian politicians and leader is Rank No 1 in JNU batch who submitted and obtained Doctorate as first in the batch. This disprove all accusations on long study in JNU as advertised by ruling party sympathisers.

    Looking from out side, The people of the gang speaks about equality, freedom from Hindu social evils like untouchables, Schools, colleges, universities, hospitals etc instead of cow sheds. This is attracting under privileged people who suffered inequality from Indian religion. It is seen that the gang is highlighted by it’s opponents are helping in their popularity as government failed to fix any of the charges in their period in office.

  6. Some people in government think that being at certain and specific position give them the right to present themselves as the sole representative of the nation. It’s not so. You may be getting a lots of facility by serving the government not all citizens are getting those facility. Even the basic dignity is not given to some of them. your children must be reading in some international schools not all citizens have that privilege. So, there must be some forces to talk about basic needs and rights of under privileged and minorities. inspite of focusing on bullshit like this one can focus on improving other government institutions to promote democratic values and to ensure good services. The article seems to be sponsored. It’s is full of hatred and negativity. We need to avoid such think tanks and such analysts…..

  7. RSN is a true nationalist. I have seen him involved in hot discussion with the so called intellectuals on TV debates. He is the true voice of nationalists against the radical forces. His vast knowledge as Ex. RAW Officer helps him demolish the fake agenda run by tukade tukade gang. I have seen few Officers like him or Maj Gen Bakshi , for whom nationalism is not politics but passion. Sir , you are inspiration to millions of Indians, for whom nation first not me.

  8. You will get a plumb post, if BJP forms the government in the center. They must have paid you handsome amount for writing this bullshit or is it cowshit. You can sleep peacefully as you have sold your conscience.

  9. Feels like a bhakt page than a defence analysis page. Using propaganda and populism to gain likes and follows is sick mentality. These tukde gang you talk about from jnu are way more educated, literate and have a good insight of grass root problems unlike your Congress and BJP elite.

    • We cannot tolerate people like Kanhaiya. He cannot be elected at any cost. If need be we should be willing to rig the election against this son of a bitch. This little turd is a bloody commie. Always remember ” A good commie is a DEAD commie”. Ideology of communism can only be crushed with the gun, as this ideology along with Islamism will decay a society from within

      • You talk of rigging the elections and crushing them with guns shows how much undemocratic you and your right-wing ideology is.seems more dangerous than Maoists.the only threat with kanhaiya’s ideology and Islamism is to your fake propaganda and your anti-India thoughts of hindu Rashtra.

  10. There is no real communism existing in the world today. What exists is Facade to super control people with complete censure e.g. China – where governance is the decision of one party…beyond that everything is pure business. What China practices is nothing but a manipulated form of disguised capitalism. They level of censure is suffocating to the degree that government could be peeping into your bedroom. Where 13000 people can be sent to jail because they belong to a community.

    All other “communist” movements are funded by rich enterprises to destabilise democratic Nations.

    Tukre Tukre concept is a clear Chinese view of India where China perceives India as a Federation of Countries. So it is obvious from where the funding is coming. WHAT IDEOLOGY? There is no ideology in this world ….there is only Money. Oil, Drugs, Arms & Trade…that is the ideology. Every thing is Money and Domination. There is nothing like religion, welfare that moves violent activism. Sensational Activism is based on Fees. Violence Activism is based on Supari.

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