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SELEX Galileo to expand its presence in Brazil
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 07 Apr , 2011

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, is attending Brazil’s 2011 LAAD Defence and Security Exhibition in line with the Company’s strategy to expand its presence in the region and to develop further partnerships with the Brazilian Defence Industry.

SELEX Galileo is the European leader in Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars. The company offers a family of AESA fire control and surveillance radars which are aimed at aerostats, UAS, maritime patrol, air intercept, multi-role enforcement and fighter aircraft of all sizes. Substantial worldwide orders have been received. The Company’s fire control radar heritage goes back over 50 years with traditional mechanically scanned radars flying on aircraft such as the Buccaneer and Sea Harrier. More recent M-scan success has been with the Captor radar for Typhoon (500+ delivered/on order) and with Scipio and Grifo for a variety of fighter aircraft including the Brazilian AM-X and F-5.

Recently, SELEX Galileo signed an agreement with Brazilian company ATMOS to create a centre of excellence and airborne radar systems house in Brazil, for both AESA and M- Scan technologies. 

SELEX Galileo is also Europe’s largest Electronic Warfare (EW) supplier and the prime contractor for Europe’s most advanced multi-national EW programme; the Typhoon Defensive Aids System (Praetorian). The Company’s EW systems and solutions are installed on a wide variety of international fixed and rotary wing aircraft including the Typhoon, Tornado, C-130, L-159, Hawk, Apache, Chinook, Lynx, and the AW101.

SELEX Galileo is also a member of Boeing’s Team Apache through provision of its Aircraft Gateway Processor (AGP). The AGP provides the Apache with a flexible and open Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) architecture and the crews with a range of benefits including a combined threat picture and prioritised tactical responses. The AGP is derived from the Defensive Aids System controller in the combat-proven Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System (HIDAS), currently protecting British Army Apaches in-theatre as well as those of the Kuwaiti and Greek armed forces. SELEX Galileo also supplies naval EW systems including the SIREN off-board decoy and UAS sensors including the SAGE Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) payload.

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