Scrap Article 370 immediately
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 27 May , 2015

On 23-May-2015, some ten Pakistani women met the General Secretary of ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Nizamuddin Bhat.  These women, as claimed by them entered into matrimonial alliance with Kashmiri terrorists, who had crossed over to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) for terrorist training. Some of these women maintained that they have children as well by these terrorist husbands. These terrorists had come back to India as per an amnesty scheme, three years ago. It may be recalled that under the same scheme one Hizbul militant Liaquat Ali Shah, coming to India in 2013 was apprehended by the police due to non-coordination between the state government and the intelligence agencies.

…without this video evidence the nexus between the mainstream political parties in the Valley and the separatist leaders, though widely known, would never have been so explicitly exposed.

The women during their meeting with MrBhat spoke of their economic and social plight. It is queer as to why their husbands did not accompany them. Two women were reportedly from Karachi and the rest from POK. Instantaneously what crosses the mind is, as to how some militants travelled to Karachi and found their life partner in the city. This could not have happened without their presence in Karachi for considerable period. It also somewhat vindicates that militants from the Kashmir Valley are being sent to as far as Karachi to train in maritime terrorism, the manifestation of which was 26/11.

The rest of the Pakistani women belonged to the POK. It may be reiterated here that there are very few Kashmiri speaking women in POK. The dialects, culture and food habits of most people residing in POK are much different than the Valley.  The main languages in POK are Urdu, Pahari, Mirpuri, Gojri, Hindko, Punjabi and Pashto. Therefore, linguistic and cultural affinities between the people of POK and the Valley are a perpetuation of false propaganda. There is nothing called Kashmiriyat in the POK. Therefore, the marriage between the Kashmiri terrorists and the women in the POK arouses several kinds of suspicion. Normally, an indoctrinated terrorist does not encumber himself with marriage. The Pakistani militants, who cross over into India for terrorist activities do have paramours but seldom enter into marriage.

Notwithstanding the suspicious circumstances that these women have landed in India, they being directed to Nizamuddin Bhat, appears to be amiss. It is not incidental that MrBhat directed them to meet separatist leader and Hurriyat Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and seek financial and other kinds of assistance. Mirwaiz, as Bhat suggested, runs an organization Awami Action Committee to provide succor to Muslims in distress. Mr Bhat also said that Mirwaiz was the best alternative as “people here have lost compassion, and Mirwaiz would be better person to help you”. Mr Bhat clearly alludes to the government machinery under the present PDP-BJP government has no compassion (is it because of nationalistic stand of BJP?) and the only benefactor under the circumstances can be the separatist leader.

It has evidenced that the mainstream parties in the Valley have been in collusion with separatists and Pakistan in allowing them to run a parallel dispensation with religious and pro-Pakistan overtones.

All this conversation between Mr Bhat and the Pakistani women is captured on camera. In fact, without this video evidence the nexus between the mainstream political parties in the Valley and the separatist leaders, though widely known, would never have been so explicitly exposed.

The expose narrates the political discourse in J&K over the years. It reveals that the symbiosis of relations between the PDP, the NC, the separatists and Pakistan. It has evidenced that the mainstream parties in the Valley have been in collusion with separatists and Pakistan in allowing them to run a parallel dispensation with religious and pro-Pakistan overtones.

Only last week, there was a rally organized by Mirwaiz in Srinagar, wherein Pakistani flags dotted the landscape and the air reverberated with pro-Pakistani and anti-India slogans.

Later Mr Bhat made a tame clarification that Mirwaiz is not only a separatist leader but also a religious head. This is the dominant discourse on secularism in J&K.

This dominant discourse has been scripted over the years, right from the rule of Sheikh Abdullah. The scripting is mostly done in Pakistan and London. It is for this reason that apart from Pakistan, Kashmiri leaders are so fond of travelling to London. The PDP has only followed the already prevailing narrative. Possibly their concealed religious bigotry, and love and fear for Pakistan will not allow them to alter their mindsets.

The other two regions of the state, i.e. Jammu and Laddakh cannot be allowed to become victims of the perils of the demographic assault by few religiously bigoted and pro-Pakistan leaders in the Valley.

The Pakistan plus separatists plus religious discourse has an economic dimension also. The separatist leader Mirwaiz maintains that his charity organization runs on the donation of people. Any numbers of sources however have confirmed that the separatist and their organization are sustained by siphoning of Indian money poured into Kashmir through the collusion of the mainstream political parties in power. Thus, India is being economically milked by the rulers of Kashmir for furthering the cause of separatists and Pakistan.

The Jammu and Laddakh regions are victims of this narrative and mindset. They need political salvation. This is not possible without changing the politico-religious discourse in the Valley.

Demography construct of the state cannot be allowed to hijack democracy and cause insecurity and destabilization to India. The hounding of Kashmiri pandits out of the Valley was part of this vicious construct. The other two regions of the state, i.e. Jammu and Laddakh cannot be allowed to become victims of the perils of the demographic assault by few religiously bigoted and pro-Pakistan leaders in the Valley.

If the national parties of India entertain the idea of finding a nationalist leader from Valley centric political parties someday, it is not going to happen. The answer therefore lies in salvaging democracy from the engineered demographic discourse in the Valley created through terrorism, fear and subversion.

To salvage democracy and protect nationalists in J&K, the answer lies in demography and the only solution is scrapping Article 370. It needs to be done immediately; the people of J&K and India are suffering.

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About the Author

RSN Singh

is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW and author of books Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and The Military Factor in Pakistan. His latest book is The Unmaking of Nepal.

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11 thoughts on “Scrap Article 370 immediately

  1. Article 370 has given cover to the Pakistani agents in Kashmir masquerading as separatists. Why the national leaders of India are unable to see that is beyond reason. Either they are too incompetent or lack the back bones to stand up for India against an agitation prone extremist group in the valley. The UPA governance over last sixty years by their inaction has strengthened the separatists giving Pakistan a permanent base to operate within Kashmir against India. It does not take a genius to see that the situation in Kashmir is fast spiraling out of control. PDP-BJP alliance has made matters worse. Revoke Article 370 through constitutional process once and for all. It is better for the BJP to pull out of the alliance and declare martial law in Kashmir because of security reasons. The threat to India is far larger than the concerns about democracy in this far away border frontier facing two mortal enemies.

  2. Mirwaiz is a Moslem and Islam is Islam A barbaric atavistic empire masquerading as a religion. I was denied a flat in a Moslem building in Richmond Town, Bangalore in 2005. And was attacked by a “minority” of five in soiled pyjamas, skull caps and beards during the All India Moslem riots of Ramzan 2012 when persons of the North East were ethnically cleansed from Bangalore by the Moslems. This is what Partition, Halal, Aazan and Islam is all about except in the confused minds of the Nehru-Gandhi Khangress Wallas who pretend that Kashmir was not ethnically cleansed in 1999 and that the All India Moslem Riots of 2012 never happened and that the massacre of 4.5 Million Hindus in Punjab and Sindh and 3.5 Million Hindus in Bengal did not really happen to Indian Hindus. Evidently, few non Moslem politicians have read the Quran and the Hadiths.

    • Unfortunately all such anti Hindu/ humanity acts will be brushed under the carpet as we lack the courage to confront this wrong. Recent media reports of anti muslim incidents is indicative of an increased assertion of Muslim rights … and should be recognized as a major threat to national security….

  3. The whole problem is the national discourse we have allowed to evolve after Independence. We got a thrashing fro China yet we kept romancing with the communists. Non-communists instead of despising the communists kept alluding their communists friends ‘comrades’. At the same time we kept abusing patriot organisation like RSS which toiled through the war for soldiers on the front by organising blood donation camps and raising logistics. We allowed the Kashmiris to gravitate towards their newly adopted religion.of fundamentalist variety. If we had only harked on the Hindu ancestry of Kashmiris the discourse by now would have been different. People who change their religion for spoils of power are hardly respectable or trustworthy. Even poet Iqbal’s grand father was Sapru Brahmin. Iqbal became the greatest champion of Pakistan. If conversion can result in vivisection of India then it needs to be banned.80 percent of muslims in India are converts and yet they got Pakistan. Now how many pakistans yiu want. I totally agree with the author that whatever be the cost repeal article 370 immediately before it is too late.

  4. On the passport part , let me just say that applying for an Indian passport itself means you accept India as your country. You state it in the application. Else you are free to go to the nearest Pakistan or other embassy and ask for theirs. In which case you’d need a visa to stay here

  5. Dealing with Kashmir requires strong hand with no compassion. First stop all extra funding of the state – bring it at par with other states. Second reinstate Pandits with security cover. Third is remove Art 370. Either they agree or impound all property of Kashmiris outside Kashmir and auction. They cannot be ‘different’ from any other Indian and yet expect preferrential treatment from India. No passports to be issued or renewed till they endorse their nationality as Indian. Enough time, money, resources, sacrifices and opportunity has been given to them to merge with this nation. Its payback time; and UN be damned – nobody will gift you anything… fight and take what is yours

      • Kersi I wish I could agree with you and every sane person who thinks like you. But my own personal experiences there for 8 long years has changed my perceptions for the worse I am afraid. I try to move on but something inside refuses to forgive these ungrateful specimens of humanity … pardon my bitterness but i dont think i can change…

  6. BJP came to power on three accounts,firstly they told they would scrap article 370 secondly they would construct Ram Mandir at Ayodhya thirdly they told that they would bring back all black money stashed in foreign banks by Indians and would distribute the same among 125 crore people each getting 15 to 20 lakhs in their account.Accordingly under PM’s Jan Dhan Yojna all were asked to open a bank account so that the black money to the tune of 15 to 20 lakhs are deposited inthe accounts of the citizens.These promises are yet to be fulfilled by the party.There are 4 more yrs to go.Let us hope they fulfill their promises!

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