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Saab appoints Niklas Nieminen as Saab India Managing Director
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 26 Nov , 2012

Defence and security company Saab announces the appointment of Niklas Nieminen as Managing Director of Saab India Technologies Pvt Ltd from November 1. The appointment has come on the back of a greatly strengthened Saab team in India.

Niklas will be working closely with Lars-Olof Lindgren, designate Head of Market Area, India

According to Lars-Olof Lindgren, “India has been identified to be one of Saab’s most important markets and we are looking at Niklas with his considerable experience in Saab to enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the diverse market opportunities here. Niklas brings to the team here important domain knowledge, experience across product lines and a strong understanding of Saab values. I am sure Saab India will grow rapidly under his leadership.”

After his stint as a technical officer in the Swedish Air Force, Niklas worked with the Missile Division of Bofors before joining Saab Avionics in 1998. Over the past 14 years he has held a number of crucial positions in Saab. For the past four years Niklas has been head of Strategy and Programme Management at Saab’s business unit Training and Simulation. Niklas moved to India earlier this year to understand the market dynamics.

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