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Russia and Israel Set to Build New Drone
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Issue Vol. 27.4 Oct-Dec 2012 | Date : 31 Dec , 2012

Russia and Israel are negotiating to build an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a joint venture project. The aim is to initiate technological cooperation and to develop a product that will be used in both countries, and could also be sold to third countries as well. “Russia will no longer buy ready-made weapon systems from the West but is only interested in new technology,” said Rogozin, who is responsible for the country’s military-industrial department. In May, a source in the Russian defence industry stated that Moscow may buy a large new consignment of UAVs from Israel and 24 command and control systems worth around $50 million in future. The Israel Aerospace Industries previously delivered to Russia two Bird Eye-400, eight I-View Mk150 and two Searcher Mk.2 UAVs worth $53 million. The defence ministry was also considering the possibility of purchasing from an Israeli company, Aeronautics Defense Systems, three types of UAV control systems eight of each – Orbiter 2, Aerostar and Skystar.

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