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Product Cooperation agreement signed between Centum and L-3 Aviation
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 Feb , 2011

L-3’s Aviation Products Group announced that it has signed a product cooperation agreement with the Centum Group of Bangalore, India, to provide development and manufacturing services for certain L-3 aviation products at Centum’s facilities in India.


“L-3 looks forward to building this relationship with Centum in India,” said Denise Millard, vice president of international business development for L-3 APG. “India is an important supplier location and market for L-3, and we look forward to a successful launch of end-user product manufacturing there. We expect to capitalize on the strengths of Centum’s extensive electronic design and dynamic manufacturing expertise to enhance our capability and capacity to produce complex aviation electronic products.”

L-3 APG plans to add more product capability with Centum over time, and eventually collaborate with them on the development and design of products in India for both local and international aviation markets. United Aviation, Inc., an authorized Indian distributor for several L-3 divisions, played an important role in the integration of this activity between L-3 and Centum.  Mr Paras Suri, Managing director of United Aviation said we  have constantly sought to bring the most contemporary technology to India. While we have supplied HAL, the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy with Flight Data Recorders, Cockpit Voice Recorders and Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems for several years and across several platforms, it has always been our vision to manufacture in India not just for India but also for the international market.

To this effect, we are delighted to have partnered with Centum Electronics Ltd in Bangalore and have helped create an alliance between L3 and Centum. L3 Aviation Recorders are the world leaders in flight data recorder (FDR) technology. The FDR’s complex technology is constantly evolving and L3’s ability in maintaining its position as the world leader is accomplished by continually investing in research and development. Without this there would be no significant gains in size, weight and reliability in each new generation of recorders. L3’s recorders fly on thousands of military fixed and rotary wing aircraft throughout the world including Blackhawk, Chinook, Kiowa, C130J  and the Joint Strike Fighter. Through this agreement, Centum and the Indian aerospace now have access to the most contemporary leading edge technology.

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