Pakistan must not be India’s neighbor
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 08 Jul , 2014

Does India want good neighborly relations with its neighbors?  Yes, but not with Pakistan.  Does India love its neighbors?  Yes, but not Pakistan.  Should India live on good terms with its neighbors?  Yes, but not with Pakistan.

India has tried for 66 years to live peacefully with Pakistan, but has simply not succeeded.

The reason for these assessments and positions is because there is a choice.  People often say that nations cannot choose their neighbors.  But, one answer is that they can.  China chose to become India’s neighbor by annexing Tibet; Taiwan chose to become a neighbor of China by breaking away; the borders and neighbors in Central Asia changed remarkably during the great game of the 19th century.  England chose to annex Wales and Scotland, thereby eliminating them as neighbors; the USA bought a large chunk of territory from France in the Louisiana Purchase to cease to be a neighbor of France; and the USA bought Alaska from Russia, thereby becoming a neighbor of Russia.

In India, there was a conscious choice to not have Hyderabad and Junagad as neighbors soon after independence.  And, India chose to have Bangladesh as a neighbor on its eastern flank rather than continuing with Pakistan as a neighbor there.  And when the British united India, it took away countries that were neighbors of each other.  These are only a few examples in the region and world that illustrate that neighbors can be chosen, borders can be changed, and destinies of people forged.  Sometimes, these destinies are forged by battle, at other times by purchase, and at yet other times by negotiation or threat.  One example of the latter was Russia’s annexation of Eastern Siberia from China in the earlier part of the 19th century without firing a shot.  At the height of its empire, Great Britain was neighbors with much of the world.  It must simply be appreciated that times change, fates change, those down come up, those up go down, the free are enslaved, while the enslaved become free, kings have become paupers[1], and paupers kings[2].  Never should we lose sight of human history.

India has tried for 66 years to live peacefully with Pakistan, but has simply not succeeded.  India must be mad if what Einstein stated is true.  He had said, “[I]t is a sign of madness to make the same effort again and again, and expect different results.”  Thus, India has again and again tried diplomacy with Pakistan, hoping that the result will be different each time.  Indian leaders – and those in charge of foreign policy — need to see a mental doctor.

The major trouble with non-violence is that it doesn’t fit into the belief of the military.

Jihad v. Non-Violence

There is no comparison between the practice of jihad in military matters, and that of non-violence in military matters.   Given one versus the other, Jihad wins hands down from a military perspective at every occasion.

But, as much as the principle of “jihad” in Islam has been twisted for centuries by Muslims to defeat a non-muslim enemy, so much has the principle of non-violence been twisted to forfeit the sword and the rifle.  The true jihad is the internal struggle of the mind and soul to break through its bonds and emerge into an understanding and love of God, but that is not how Muslims have interpreted it against the Russians or Americans or British or Sikhs or Hindus.   Similarly the true non-violence is the gradual ascension of the soul rather than forcing the soul to reach higher states of consciousness without establishing and cementing prior accomplishments in the spiritual journey.  Thus spiritual non-violence is to attain to higher states by “sahej”, i.e., gradually, rather than pushing and forcing one’s unwilling mind to accept true thoughts it can’t hold.  But, this beautiful spiritual meaning of non-violence has been distorted by Hindus and Mahatma Gandhi to forego the use of arms altogether, which is ridiculous.  A country cannot survive without a military.  To win wars, one needs a strong military, not one that merely achieves a stalemate.

If such be the (false) practice of non-violence and our belief in it, then why keep an army at all?  If such is the (false) faith the country has in non-violence than why not believe that the world will save India from harm if India had no army?  Obviously, the extent to which the principles of non-violence are applied to foreign policy and state matters can become absolutely paralyzing, as is the present situation in India.

Pakistan is a habitual liar…they lied again last week when they said it was not the regular Pak army that killed five Indian soldiers; they lied … and lie … and lie.

The major trouble with non-violence is that it doesn’t fit into the belief of the military.  A military swears by violence, while the non-violent practitioner of the modern times abjures the use of the military.  They don’t fit, they don’t jive, and they can’t dance together.  Non-violence is the complete opposite of what militaries believe.  The two cannot be at the same table.

Wrong Belief Systems

A whole generation or two of Indians in government have grown up on wrong belief systems.  They have sworn by non-violence, non-alignment, panchsheel, and peace.  None of these are relevant in the real world of war.  A nation needs violence to protect its honor and sovereignty against hostile attack; a nation needs treaties and alliances in the real world with other countries to multiply its defense capabilities.  Throughout history, treaties and alliances have been the backbone of world politics, and continue so today.  Look at NATO, or the alliance between France and Britain to share their armed forces.  If Chanakya were alive today, he would agree.  But, India wants to go it alone: an idealistic nation in a practical world, presenting misplaced ideas that won’t mix with the world of nations.

Similarly the peaceful principles of co-existence are only in religion, not in war – and not with the frailties of the human mind, its desires for honor, or need for survival and prosperity.  How many people would give food to the enemy first before eating food themselves?  Are we real people or are we lost?

Peace is for dreamers and preachers, because war and death are the only reality on Earth.  Yes, people (and the Indian government) dream of peace because they don’t wish to face the truth.  Peace is not for a nation on the march, or a corporation in competition.  To ignore the need of the times is to do so at one’s own peril.

And here, it must be recalled that the world’s great empires were forged by the force of arms: The ancient Persians – the world’s first great civilization; Rome that ruled the “known world” for 400 years, including the British Isles; the Mauryan empire that stretched from Assam to Sindh, and Vijayanagar to Afghanistan, and which had Sri Lanka as a vassal state; the fantastic empire of Cengiz Khan; The vast Hapsburg empire in Central Europe; the Ottoman empire that stretched from the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden to Eastern Europe; the conquests of Islam that spanned from Spain to Chinese Turkestan, and past India into Indonesia; The empire of Great Britain on whose empire the sun never set; the Napoleonic empire that ruled all mainland Europe; or the world’s sole great superpower today – USA, built themselves to that level by the strength of their resources, the power of their arms, the passion in their hearts, and the might of their militaries.  Even Japan and Germany that shook the world in World Wart II, which resulted in the beginning of the collapse of the colonial era – a great blessing – was thrust on the world by war.  Thus, war also saves and liberates people.  We must not forget that war can be a blessing.

How does India think it will trust Pakistan when it lies so much?  How will Pakistan ever be able to fulfill a promise when it will continue to lie about breaking its promises?

War is what makes the world go around and gather motion and momentum – not peace.  We are forever improving in our technology, which is a testimony to the war we fight everyday to overcome the temptations of laziness and sloth.  It is not in the human’s DNA to not improve, not seek protection, not seek security, or not become better than one’s competition.

It was war that freed the Sikhs from the yoke of the Mughals and Muslim oppression; it was war that carved the Sikh identity; it was war that spurred the Marathas, the Cholas, and the Guptas; it was war that saved the allies in World War II: can you imagine what would have happened had the USA decided to not enter the war, saying that it was a peace-loving nation?

The Lies of Pakistan

Pakistan is a habitual liar.  It lied in 1947-48 when it said that only irregular militia had entered Kashmir, when regulars fought alongside that militia; it lied in 1965 when it said that the paratroopers found in Kashmir did not belong to their army; they lied in 1971 when they said that they weren’t raping Bangladeshi women; they lied in the early 80s when they said they weren’t arming or training Khalistanis; they lied that they weren’t behind the 36 railway stations bomb blasts in Punjab in the early 1980s; they lied in 1987-88 when they said that they had no Pakistani personnel in Kashmir during the uprising there; they lied when they said that the Kargil operation was launched without their knowledge by irregular militia; they lied that the attack on the Indian Parliament was not aided and abetted by them; they lied that they had nothing to do with 26/11; they lied that Osama bin Laden was not hiding in Pakistan; they lied that Dawood Ibrahim was not in Pakistan; they lied again last week when they said it was not the regular Pak army that killed five Indian soldiers; they lied … and lie … and lie.

Such lying is the symptom of a deranged mentality – an irresponsible nation that doesn’t have a place in the comity of nations; such lying exhibits a base and debased personality with whom friendship by another is a mistake, let alone being called for.  Would you make friends with a snake?  Would you have good neighborly relations with mosquitoes that carry dengue and malaria?  Would you have good neighborly relations with thugs, dacoits, and rapists?

Our worldview of Pakistan needs a dramatic shift; India needs a reality check.  But alas! Our leaders have been bought by our enemies.

And India wants to negotiate with a pathetic and habitual liar?  And India wants friendship with such an entity?  Give me a break!  Is India in its right mind?  How does India think it will trust Pakistan when it lies so much?  How will Pakistan ever be able to fulfill a promise when it will continue to lie about breaking its promises?I wouldn’t touch such a neighbor with a long barge pole; in fact, I would beat such a neighbor with the pole.  First, Pakistan lies, and then it lies to cover its lies, and then fabricates more lies to justify those lies, till a time comes they begin to believe in those lies, transforming fully from Jekyll to Hyde.  The grass has become the weed; the good has become evil – and now can be trusted no more.

What are the IFS and political leaders smoking that they think they can talk Pakistan into a binding resolution?  Which mothers’ children are they?  Whose honor are they riding on?  Why are they denying India their right?  Why should Indians not encourage a revolution?  France, Russia, China, Japan, and USA have all had their revolutions.  Why not India?  But, what can we do?

Our worldview of Pakistan needs a dramatic shift; India needs a reality check.  But alas! Our leaders have been bought by our enemies.  Woe it is to India that won’t enhance defense production, that won’t privatize defense production, that won’t add 100 airforce planes a year to its inventory; that won’t triple naval production – an area of strength for India; that won’t treat its military with respect; that won’t allow the BSF and ITBP to report to the army commander; that won’t create integrated commands on the land frontiers; that won’t encourage engineering education for advancing military technology – that simply won’t – a reluctant to develop country.

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The views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the Indian Defence Review.

About the Author

Dr Amarjit Singh

is an independent security analyst.

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50 thoughts on “Pakistan must not be India’s neighbor

  1. This article is definitely for leftists with a terror streak who sincerely believe that war ridden countries are the truth of life and misery and fear are the real emotions to a stronger nation, well, quite honestly as a reader i disagree and would not choose to believe in these gonzo perspectives of a single person, who has taken to himself to speak on behalf of a country, because this whole article lacks the complete demography of the decisions made by a nation.
    Its very sad people think like this

  2. I can just say one thing – This man is stupid! Have read two of his articles here and both are bereft of any strategic sense. Its just “common” sense! the sense of a man on the street who has no greater understanding of events around him! pathetic!

  3. This Dr. Singh is some sort of hysteric and madman and probably has forgotten the long history of India. Here is a simple fact of subcontinent’s history. The muslims have ruled this subcontinent for about one millennium and only they had the guts in the total history of this piece of land when it was united. Before muslims, it was scattered into hundreds of minor states. Due to Mughal’s serious mistakes, it slipped for a while into the control of British but only from 1857 to 1947 which is even less than a century and so can’t be even compared with muslims’ ruling record in subcontinent. Muslims are born to rule this place. Since 1947, it has been only a few decades that India got in its current shape but indeed only with the help of wife of Mount Batton. India must thank to her for getting into this shape. But it seems that they are now fed up of this freedom which they tasted for the first time since the dawn of human civilization. If this hysteria goes on that odds are Muslims will have to come again in power to keep the subcontinent united. History has proven that none other than Muslims keep it united. You better don’t worry how Pakistan would manage to lead this area as they have a millennium of experience of administering it and they did it through naked sword and not through flirting with the wives of British Lord. Dr. Singh, you probably would be burnt to ashes and enjoying the world’s largest sewerage river known as Ganga.

  4. Mr. Singh,

    We admitted; if India is facing problems than whyn’t India beats Pakistan. Look at the Mumbai attacks when india impeaches us and we were ready to have war then why india stepped back. Why always india has no courage to have war with us. In this ear countries are not defeating other countries with war but with economy. The countries strength is to evaluate with the MNC’s and FDI they have in their home country; instead of criticizing the neighbors. Look at the china how rapidly they boost their economy. You people not being able to eliminate poverty and crises from your country but to impeaches us in order to stop our growth. Where ever you failed you always blame the Pakistan. Come on Mr. Sigh grow up, beat us with the war if you can.

    • The war of India against Pakistan is coming, Mr. Zafar, it’s coming. Remain close to a shit pot, Mr. Zafar, else you are going to shit in your pants when India beats the shit out of Pakistan, and you can’t reach the shit pot in time. Just wait.

  5. You are perfectly right. It real world Gandhi doesn’t work ,we need to get tough and destroy Pakistan once and for all .Help Baluchistan and Afghanistan to destroy Pakistan. We can’t have peace with Pakistan.

  6. Mr Singh,
    Have you given any thought to what will India do with 200 million brain-washed mullahs who live in pakistan if India occupies Pakistan. They have no resources, the human capital is zero which goes only to madrassas, what will India gain from that. Changing borders is good. Republic of Sindh and Republic of Punjab can stay as better neighbors.

  7. Radical train of thoughts but quite interesting nonetheless.It is this out of the box thinking that India requires to tackle this huge problem that has been our boon for almost 7 decades. Though i would suggest instead of an all out war methods of attrition should be utilized to slowly weaken Pakistan from inside and also using international diplomacy and various methods like trade embargo etc to such an extent that it’s nuclear arsenel can be destroyed in a blitzkrieg.Post which Indian navy can be fielded to block Karachi port and suffocate it’s supply long enough to liberate areas like Balochistan etc and short enough to drag other nation like China and US into it.Once Pakistan has been defanged of it’s nukes and broken up,it won’t be a nuisance anymore.There is actually no need to merge it into India because the Pakistani diaspora that has been brought up with propaganda and anti India tirade is better of rotting in it’s hell hole than pollute India.Although that might change once many years after a true democratic setup comes and does a good housecleaning but that would be a totally different story.

  8. What about the idea, that in India, peace must be sought within, and that the international border gives us a certain perspective that the Chinese, Pakistani, and other nationalities are their own problem in peace within their own boundaries? Our economy encourages, that identities want to buy what is produced or the raw materials that are made into production at a profit, and sell at a profit, what can be. This doesn’t foster unity among people, generally. The Chinese have only the trade issue to negotiate with the U. S., and they are supposed to be a military threat to each other. The Chinese are worried about their trade sea routes, that span the globe, and they want an uninterrupted supply and demand. In India, we foster competition, by exporting, and we are in cut-throat competition in the domestic market. We don’t know what is happening. There is great confusion about what is relevant to any purpose. It seems, the great danger is, that many powers will engage in disputes within China and India, domestic and overseas. This is also a danger for any nation in the world. What if Greece is wanted to adopt some policy or the other? In India and China, what was seen was, that the power who could solve any issue, was made the de-facto govt. adviser. We can advise other govt.’s and people, China and India, apparently.
    Afghanistan needs a formal national militia. We don’t want the region to be another like when the Balkans were in unrest. The Chinese are helping in the extraction of minerals, and the Indian Army aids the U. S. in training the Afghan military. The Afghan must decide what is good for him. He is paying for the time, when the Pakistan border was crossed time and again, and it seems that Pakistan doesn’t know who causes a bomb blast, whether the person is Afghan or Pakistani. I do admire the Afghan national, but there is a danger of the region becoming a Balkans of South Asia. The different Pashtoon tribes might turn against one another.

  9. One cannot but help agreeing with Dr. Amarjit Singh on all counts. Since the 1993 bombings in Mumbai (just before which the relationship between ISI and Dawood Ibrahim/his Mumbai underworld underlings got cemented), attack on Parliament, 26/11 terrorist attack by ISI, LeT, al Qaeda etc) or the 2013 two attacks across the LoC and the very recent ones across the International Boundary (IB)-all went un-retaliated, or at least, not appropriately enough. How will we produce a leader or a party like Indira Gandhi, who at least till 1971 had her national security instincts in place? Her response to the Chinese upping the ante in Nathu La, Sikkim in 1967 overturned her own father’s disastrous policiy on China and who in 1971 did everything right till the Simla talks, when she fell for Zulfikar Bhutto’s dramatics and lies. Yes, Pakistan will very well understand the language of without fail retaliation of any military or terrorist attack and also being able to strike at terrorist leaders who motivate the masses at Muridke, Karachi, Lahore or anywhere else in Pakistan. Such retaliation requires not only Indian Army’s quick and unrestrained responses on the LoC or the IB, but also of a very effective covert cross-border stri

    • (continued as interrupted by power failure)……covert cross-border strike capability. Our response to the Kargil intrusion was only about six months late as Pakistan army raised 12 battalions of Northern Light Infantry which had begun crossing the LoC in late 1998 itself, when Musharraf was still the DG Military Operations. Forget about a leader or a government responding like in 1967 and 1971, today we are caught in a web of vote-bank / twisted secularism politics, in which our key leaders are vying to score self-goals on national security and refusing to orient their instincts or straightening their spines to maintain this independence after ten centuries of being marauded, converted by the sword and ruled.
      All we can do, it seems so far, is to hope and pray that on the principle of no matter how long the night there has to be a dawn, wait and watch as we lose more trained soldiers and innocent citizens alike.

  10. Its not about country that we need to concern, world have to concern about Islam now a days, their pathetic invasions like europeans happens from last 1000 years onwards, looting, killing,, etc are part of Islam.
    Recently Gulf council has taken decision to ban all other religions practices in gulf, only Islam will be allowed to practice in their countries,, then why would other countries allow Islam to be practiced ?
    The govt in Bharat are worst kind,, what ever comes in, they just need to fulfil their pockets n enjoy their wish, no one cared about future of country, particularly congress govt, its like most worst govt party in world,, seems new civil war will erupt in coming days if situation continues like this.

  11. Dr. Amarjit Singh is raising important concerns about Pakistan and must be heeded by the leaders of India. The big problem is not there, it is in New Delhi. Pakistani military understands the weakness in leadership in India and is simply taking advantage. The terrorism against India by Pakistani Military-ISI nexus is an operational policy. Remember Mumbai, the Pakistani military operators were giving virtual cell phone step by step directions to the killers in the Taj Hotel and surrounding. At one point specifically telling the killers to shoot the innocent hostages in the back of the head as soon as possible, before they are captured or killed. Indian leaders have knowingly played this reality down to avoid taking on the Pakistani military. Instead they are choosing to open dialogue with the politically elected front office of Nawaz Sharif that is toothless and does not count as far as the Pakistani military is concerned.

  12. I never had respect for him…..whenever he sworns in… India suffers….in that case i can never ever trust PAK….they are neither honest nor trustworthy…not only to India but to their own countrymen….

  13. The article has been written in an emotional manner. In life at the most we can choose is our in-laws. That Pakistan is our neighbour and is here to stay is a reality we cannot (and should not) run away from. However how we should engage with Pakistan to minimise its nuisance value – that could be a matter of strategic geo-political policy.We simply cannot wish Pakistan away – as also Pakistan canot wish us away. Both are here to stay – in harmony if possible or with ‘balance of terror’ at mutual levels if necessary.

  14. Dr,Amarjit.Singhji. deserves full praise for exposing Pakistan the great LIAR also our weak short sighted shallow Govt . policy makers who are being subservient to the Pakistan dictat!!!
    How long can the big brother India continue to be bullied by a radcal failed nations,that was surviving on aid of USA,
    Now that the rabid dog Pakistan has even bitten the USA hand that was feeding it, also the whole world has realized that Pakistan is mother of all terrorist activity in the world,we must firmly and strongly put it in its proper place place.
    It’s time we got a potent and strong Govt.

  15. I wish our UPA of three monkeys and proped by stupid political parties are kicked out in the forthcoming elections. There is no hope of India becoming power to reckon with in the global context. If our politicians are eunuch they can never understand the importance of military action when other methods of taming the enemy fails repeatedly.
    let the young generation come forward to take control of the destiny of INDIA and kick the rusted politicians and their cronies out .

  16. A brilliantly written piece, I agree with with every comma and fulstop. I wish a day would come in the life of our nation when people like Dr. Amarjit Singh would be in the Govt and making policies for our well being.

  17. Even though the views have been expressed from military point of view, I subscribe to them completely. Our political rulers do not wish to learn from history. They have been fooled again and again by the crafty enemies at the borders and still they want to talk peace with them. They kill our soldiers but we send protest notes. They fire at us but our army is busy reporting to the defence minister without taking effective retaliatory action. When 26/ 11 happens, we go begging to U.S.A. and other European countries to take action against Pakistan. We say that no third party involvement in Kashmir would be acceptable but are unable move forward an inch. Only those who are strong are entitled to talk peace. We are unable to procure arms, equip our defence forces adequately. No artillery gun has been acquired after Bofor fiasco. Every purchase is riddled with corruption. No wonder the enemy is getting belligerent as they know the kind of rulers we have in India. Pusillanimous and time servers. At least a woman prime minister showed the guts to liberate Bangladesh. Our Defence Forces are capable of responding effectively but they are being held back by the false prophets of peace, which is another name for cowardice and compromise with dignity of a great nation that India could have been.

  18. The way Dr Amarjit Singh has addressed the subject of Pakistan is most refreshing. By hijacking history, and the balance which serious historical analyses feel constrained by, he has exercised a freedom that is not allowed to most serious writers. But because of this freedom from restraint [which the need for historical truth and balance impose,] he is free also of hypocrisy. He has therefore come right out and said what he really feels, and it matters little that he has mangled history in the process, by presenting just one side of it. His prescription for India to find its days in the sun, seems to be that India should now embark on the creation of empire. Luckily, this project, for the time being at least, is likely to remain mere advocacy or a dream. And should it, God forbid, morph into an attempt, India will go back to what it was through all history–many states in a geographical expression called India. This would be no bad thing, but the human cost of this enterprise will be forbidding.

    • Saeed Malik is already trembling at the sound of India. He wishfully “dreams” that India will go back to its many geographical parts as at some times in history. The cost of the effort, he doesn’t realize, will be paid for by Pakistan. Ha! Ha!

  19. There is more than enough evidence and realization among the governments of the world that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism through its so called ISI. India has borne the brunt of this menace. India must without hesitation capture all officers of Pak army and ISI; similar to what it did in 1971. Balochistan must be liberated to form its own sovereign nation, and then with their assistance, assistance from Afghan army and UN, the taliban must be crushed. Then there would be a very peaceful corridor in that area of the world, and trade and development would progress very well!

  20. Dr. Sing Ji,,
    If not Pakistan,, other Islamic country will start invade,, its not about country,, its about religion we must throw away from country,, and most importantly ,, this country fate is bad due to politicians,, they are cowards now ,, because of that,, may be country will down again.. and civil war erupt in future ,, The indian govt now worst than british govt in past,,

  21. Dr Amarjit,
    Before we tackle the enemy at our gates lets handle enemy within. That enemy is our political class backed by the most third rate babudom in the world. If you see the list of defence ministers we had in our country you will understand as to how well we understand strategic affaire and military matters.
    Baldev Singh (1947-1952)
    Kailash Nath Katju (1955–1957)
    V. K. Krishna Menon (1957–1962)
    Yashwantrao Chavan (Nov 1962 – 1966)
    Jagjivan Ram (1970–1974)
    Chaudhary Bansi Lal (December 21, 1975 to March 24, 1977 )
    R. Venkataraman (1982 – Aug 1984)
    Rajiv Gandhi (1985-1987)
    V. P. Singh (1987; 1989-1990)
    K. C. Pant (1987-1989)
    Chandra Shekhar Singh (1990-1991)
    Sharad Pawar (1991-1993)
    George Fernandes (1999–2000)
    Jaswant Singh (2000-2001)
    George Fernandes (2001–2004)
    Pranab Mukherjee (2004–2006)
    A. K. Antony (2006 – Incumbent)
    They are people of various types of credentials. Right from being congress loyalists to farmers to union leaders we have it all here. But we don’t see a man linked to the Military anywhere except for Mr Jaswant Singh who was there for a short while. These were not men of world vision, or strategists in any sense. They were politicians who were awarded portfolios for the purposes of appeasement. Of the bureaucracy less said the better. They are best at spooking the politicians against the army. It is they who let out whispers to keep the army cowed down lest they stage a coup. They are the fifth columnists who have ensure that our armed forces are poorly equipped and managed. We have a prime minister who is yet to visit an army unit in the forward areas. The PM is governed by an Italian National who has no interest in Indias defence preparedness, nor does she have any inkling about international affairs. I am not a BJP man – BJP put a labour leader as a defence minister. We don’t have a foreign policy nor a defence policy of name therefore we are never able to react to any situation that we face on the ground. So lets tame our dogs before

  22. Sardar Patel let go of Pakistan in order to save 80% of undivided India. Had Pakistan been a part of India, India would never have reached the heights it has in various fields. When we have cancer in our body, we cut that part and throw it away.

    It is all very well to go to war with Pakistan, free Balochistan, let Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa merge with Afghanistan and assimilate Sindh and Punjab in India BUT WHO WILL GOVERN THEM AFTERWARDS? It will be a permanent headache. Without an international border to cross, the mad men of Sindh and Punjab will create mayhem in the rest of India.

    While Dr. Amarjeet’s idea is very tempting, it is better to let Pakistan rot in the mess they have created for themselves. We should just respond very hard every time there is a provocation, like Brig. Jasbir did when he eliminated a Pakistani post opposite Palanwala from the face of the earth.

    • Who will govern Punjab and Sindh after being liberated is not a big question nor a problem. First, India has a territorial army large enough; next, India is going to let Punjab and Sindh rot under martial law. The people will have to look out for themselves. It’s really easy.

    • Who will govern Punjab and Sindh after being liberated is not a big question nor a problem. First, India has a territorial army large enough; next, India is going to let Punjab and Sindh rot under martial law. The people will have to look out for themselves. It’s really easy.

  23. A great write up with indepth insight of the prevailing situation. Even if we bring it to the notice of MOD, MEA and PMO, they will not heed to it. The only way is to change the present government in any way possible.

  24. Immature viewpoint. Pakistanis these days are displaying utmost restraint against Indian hysteria emanating from politically motivated belligerence by Indian forces on the LOC as “To fight the darkness, one need not draw his sword but light a candle”

    • The darkness is inside Pakistani minds. Otherwise there is no darkness along the LOC and the actions are for all to see.

      Pakistan has failed to live with India. It has been getting closer to China. Pakistan and China are up to no good against India.

      If Pakistan claims it is exercising restraint, let them not exercise restraint. Let them come forth and invade India along the entire LOC. Or else, stop the bullshit.

  25. Hats off to Dr Amarjit Singh! A truly brilliant and wonderful analysis and an out-of-the-box idea for a permanent solution to the problem, which can not be tackled otherwise. But who will bell the cat? As far as the Armed Forces are concerned, in whatever shape they may be, they are capable enough to teach Pakistan a lesson. This has been amply proved in all the wars we fought against them; we captured vast stretches of their territory in 1965; we made 90,000 of their soldiers surrender and be our captives in 1971 but whatever the military achieved was undone by our (un)worthy leaders. Has the thinking of Indian politicians and bureaucrats undergone any change? Yes, perhaps, but on the negative side. The politicians have neither any understanding
    of the matters military nor do they have time to make an effort to understand it; result is, the bureaucracy has virtually become the ruling class and has managed to emasculate the Armed Forces, a situation, which is beyond redemption. Our present day political leaders lack the vision and are living in fool’s paradise by thinking that they can tame Pakistan thru peaceful overtures. It is a matter of shame that the country has to live with a PM, who is now looking forward to a photo op with Nawaz Sharif at the time of UNGA meet next month in US. I wish, he takes lessons from the author, whom I would love to address as a “Sher” (lion), nurturing such a bright and bold idea.
    Enough is enough; we have reached the limits and time has come to turn the tables.
    Wonder if the article will be read and understood by those who matter. For ordinary citizens like us, it may just pass off as one more good article followed by a comment of appreciation.
    Air Commodore (Retd) T Pannu

  26. An enlightening article by Dr Amarjit Singh. I congratulate him for so succinctly and boldly putting across his views. His idea about voluntary acceptance of concept pf ‘non-violence’ being a prerequisite before its adoption as an (non) instrument of state policy will be endorsed by spiritual scientists too. (That such an acceptance will never be forthcoming even from an illiterate people is a foregone conclusion)
    I hope our rulers will also read this article and will realise the futility of their self-seeking follies because when the Nation ceases to exist where will they be?
    Maj Gen Ashok Coomar, Veteran

  27. Dr Amarjit Singh has put forth the Indo Pak equation in a way that brings forth the fallacy our leaders have been living under He is absolutely right when he says that we can not live with Pakistan, and rightly to survive in such a scenario, we have to upgrade ourselves into a nation that is prepared to sacrifice its so called ‘Non Violence’ syndrome and good neighbourly relationship with a country that has repeated made no bones to tell you that they are at war with India,’ thousand years war’ and using the strategy of ‘thousand cuts’ For any leader not to take note of all this is sheer anti national and are to be dubbed ;Traitors’

    I lived in the same house as eight Paki officers in Moscow and later in Baghdad. They openly proclaim a state of war with India and when we talk of peace and nrighbour and Live and Let Live, they laugh and tell you to stew in your own non violence Pakistan is the most vulnerable country as it is riddled with factionalism, religious bigotry, regionalism and violence at a scale unheard of. Which world are our leaders living in that we are not able to take advantage of all this You just need to make a slight effort and you will have Afghanistan as your neighbour, with Pashtunistan, Baluchistan and Sind opting out of Pakistan . Even the Sirakis of Bhawalpur, Multanis and South Punjabis are fed up. Let us get leaders that will give a final push to solve our Western border problems. This would also bring the Chinaman down as his main support would have evaporated

    My compliments to Dr Amarjit Singh

  28. Sardar Je, you have proved having blood of a “martial progenitor” whom you do know descended on the Principalities of Indian sub-continent & herded them into ONE COUNTRY. It must have been 12 Noon when this theory struck your brilliant mind. Please list down from your archives when Bharat has lied in reference to Pakistan & China, including one still active with the UNO.
    P.S: You are trying to (take bamboos to Braili – you know this Urdu proverb) teach son’s of CHANKIA who advises Prince to be truthful at the cost of his estate.

  29. Yeah.. this sentence is prefect for Pakistan. Because before some days they crucial act with Indian soldier. Not even India but I think Pakistan is not good to get any other country as a neighbor aspect Afghanistan.

  30. An enlightening article Dr. saab. As you said assimilating Pakistan into India through war is the only resolution to get rid of this annoying neighbor, I can’t agree more. I think this would have happened in 1965 itself when our jawans marched towards Lahore and Pakistan feared that its existence was in danger and asked America for help. LB Shastri was compelled to end war, was pressurized by his own government to hit peace with Pakistan.

    My point is that a strong leadership that does not bows to any pressure (Arrangement governments of the present day are always weak, corrupt) is required otherwise our democratic structure is so much infested with traitors that greater leaders like LB Shastri were not only forced to comprise but were also killed and a question about his death never arose in public. The Indian leadership never considered it necessary to tell the nation how their beloved PM died and what they are doing about it.

    When Nehru was to enter the race of politics, Subhash Chander Bose vanished, when Indira was to be launched, Shastri died mysteriously, now Congress projects Modi as enemy of Muslims as they are desperate to do something about Raul Vinci. I may have gone astray while giving my comment but as an Indian, I am frustrated and may be that is why.

    Our government is so inclined to work for Pakistan that they cleansed Hindus and Sikhs out of Kashmir. When mob attacks BSF (read Jihadi goondas) then our government instead of giving army a free hands says the first bullet was fired by BSF.

    Nehrus—Abdullahs…they all are bloody Mughals and not Indians…

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