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Nexter purchases lightweight composite armour from TenCate Advanced Armour
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 21 May , 2014

Yesterday the French Ambassador in Denmark, François Zimeray, has visited TenCate Advanced Armour’s facilities in Vissenbjerg, following a significant order from Nexter Systems.

TenCate, a member of the Armoured Personal Carrier (APC) Group, has been singled out by Nexter upon the French Embassy’s request. This choice is an example of how Danish Industry stands to benefit from Nexter’s involvement in the APC and Artillery procurement projects being currently undertaken by Denmark.

Indeed, the order placed with TenCate Advanced Armour is a direct consequence of Nexter’s willingness to diversify its supplier base in order to deliver best value for money to its customers. From this perspective, Danish industry stands out as a reliable and valuable partner.

As part of its industrial cooperation strategy, Nexter has, since the beginning of this year, placed orders with a wide range of Danish suppliers such as Multicut, Linak, Weibel, Prodan and AKS. The Group has, over the last two years, signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in connection with ongoing projects with such distinguished partners as Hydrema, Systematic and Terma.

Nexter is thus confident, as illustrated by its business relationship with TenCate, that its developing cooperation with Danish Defence Industry will be mutually beneficial and that the latter will as a result gain significant access to Nexter’s French and export markets.

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