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MBDA's new Mine Clearing System for mobility support mission
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 12 Nov , 2010

The mine clearing system, SOUVIM 2, has been developed by MBDA for mobility support missions. These missions are served by carrying out the rapid opening of long stretches of mined routes at the rear of operations. SOUVIM 2 has as its base concept the ability to “clean” more than 100km of route in a day. The system can proceed at speeds in excess of 10 kph with the capability of detecting and decoying the full scope of mine threats.


SOUVIM 2 has been developed with the maximum security of the operator in mind. The first mine detecting vehicle is equipped with ultra low-pressure tyres that provide it with a unique stealth property regarding the weight imparted. Thanks to this property it can pass over a mine without triggering it. Its architecture comprises a V-armoured bodywork base which not only protects the driver but also the key elements of the vehicle itself.

Taking into consideration the size of the system elements needing to be protected and the constraints linked to the requirements of weight stealth, this structure has been specially conceived to resist blast impacts and to protect the driver from direct fire. Indeed, the ergonomics of the driver’s cabin have been studied to maximise the efficiency of the driver (grouping of the controls, configurable digital readouts). Additional command interfaces can be easily added.

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