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LRSAM Successfully Flight-Tested
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 27 Nov , 2015

For the first time, Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LRSAM), jointly designed and developed by IAI, Israel and DRDO, has been successfully flight tested from an Israeli Naval Platform.

The missile successfully engaged and destroyed the incoming air target.

All the subsystems of the missile performed as predicted and achieved the desired goal of hitting the incoming target.

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DRDO has designed and developed Dual Pulse Propulsion System and other safe arm mechanisms for Solid Propulsion system for the first time.

This test from Israel Naval Platform achieved the major milestone in proving the missile system with complete participation of the Ship Borne Tracking Equipment etc.

The missile configuration is same for both LRSAM/MRSAM. Further Operational Flight Trials (O.F.T) will be conducted shortly from Indian Naval Platform before induction into the service.

LRSAM will be inducted into Indian Naval Ships (P-15A).

The LRSAM programme consists of Missiles, MFSTAR (Radar), Weapon Control System, Vertical Launcher unit and Two- way data link.  

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