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Leakage of Sensitive Data about Scorpene Submarines
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 25 Aug , 2016

Scorpene Submarines – Update on Documents Leak
(25/08/2016) Press Information Bureau 

The Government of India is seized of the reported leak of documents related to the ongoing Indian Scorpene submarine programme as reported in sections of the media. The documents that have been posted on the website by an Australian news agency have been examined and do not pose any security compromise as the vital parameters have been blacked out.

The Indian Navy has taken up the matter with Director General of Armament of the French Government expressing concern over this incident and has requested the French Government to investigate this incident with urgency and share their findings with the Indian side. An internal audit of procedures to rule out any security compromise is also being undertaken. The matter is being taken up with concerned foreign governments through diplomatic channels to verify the authenticity of the reports.

The Government of India, as a matter of abundant precaution, is also examining the impact if the information contained in the documents claimed to be available with the Australian sources is compromised. The detailed assessment of potential impact is being undertaken by a high level committee constituted by the Ministry of Defence and the Indian Navy is taking all necessary steps to mitigate any probable security compromise.


Press Release – Indian Navy (24/08/2016)

A case of suspected leak of documents related to Scorpene Submarines has been reported by a foreign media house. 

The available information is being examined at Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Navy) and an analysis is being carried out by the concerned specialists. 

It appears that the source of leak is from overseas and not in India. 


Press Information – DCNS (08/24/2016)

“DCNS has been made aware of articles published in the Australian press related to the leakage of sensitive data about Indian Scorpene. This serious matter is thoroughly investigated by the proper French national authorities for Defense Security. This investigation will determine the exact nature of the leaked documents, the potential damages to DCNS customers as well as the responsibilities for this leakage”. 


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4 thoughts on “Leakage of Sensitive Data about Scorpene Submarines

  1. Incidently our “Aircraft Carrier” purchased at an increased price from our Russian “friends” was built by Russia.
    Russian Arms supplies to China are rising . why would they not “accidently” leak vital details of our “Aircraft Carrier” ( quotes intended ) to the Chinese ,in order to coax them into buying more hardware from them?

    Perhaps we should celebrate this as well …. just like we as a stupid nation “Celebrated” our Olympics losses … ( A silver medal is what you get for losing)

  2. The leak has happenned in 2011 in French side. The etails might have been sent to not only Australia but also Malaysia and Chile which also purchased these subs.This may be a selling point by DCINS but it is trying to cover up. India must ask for hefty compensation if possible. the PIB statements may be for ordinary people and also knowledgeable press but people in the know how know it is a very serious breach. But what about Rafale? the French can sell anything for highest bidder.. This also gives away our way with other subs especially we must be careful about Arihant.

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