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Is India Preparing to Lose?
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Issue Vol 25.1 Jan-Mar2010 | Date : 10 Oct , 2015

If one has to summarise the characteristics of an Indian, the least is being aggressive. We are happy to attribute a lot of reasons for this: the feudal society, subjugations by foreign powers, the lineage of Buddha, the all accommodative Hindu cultural values, unity in diversity etc. These virtues that we boast have tied down our hands, when it comes to aggressive behaviour. Aggression in itself is not a virtue to be promoted, but in the face of competition, rivalry and enmity, aggression is a virtue that helps one to succeed.

The lack of aggression in our culture or psyche has and is playing havoc in our foreign policy, military affairs, internal affairs and every sphere of influence. We are docile and mute spectators to China’s aggressive designs and Pakistan’s sinister, belligerent behaviour. China’s open intimidation that it can divide Indian into 20-30 pieces and its brazen call to assist the insurgent regional groups in India to create “independent nation states of their own, out of India, or Pakistan’s 26/11 carnage in the heart of India, have united us and moved us to tears but not to action.

Pakistan may not call India weak after being beaten in war more than once, but to China, India is a weak and meek enemy.

It is an articulated fact that Pakistan is India’s traditional enemy and China is its permanent enemy. However, for them, India seems to be a meek enemy with resources and capability but without direction and aggression. Pakistan may not call India weak after being beaten in war more than once, but to China, India is a weak and meek enemy. Despite the hue and cry about a resurgent China, militarily and economically, and its ability to thwart India’s attempts everywhere, India is dithering in its will since she does not “want to consider herself as an adversary to China. Any strong and scathing remark against China or Chinese interests is fended off by the Indian Government as a personal view.

The Governments view against both the belligerent and the rogue state is restricted to the occasional tall claims that our military can take on Pakistan and Taliban; Arunachal Pradesh is part of India and the incursions in the LOC and LAC are statistically minimal. They are pleasing to the ears, but incidentally, we have not been able to take on the naxals, the Maoists and the insurgent groups in India. Do our establishments believe that Pakistan, Taliban and China are a tad easier to handle?

Kasab came and killed a handful of Indians and we had spent 35 crores on him, because we were providing him legal recourse, abiding by Article 21 of the Constitution that prohibits “˜the depravation of a persons life or liberty except in accordance with procedure established by law. Pakistan had a hand in the carnage but it demands more proof because we run helter-skelter to gather proof. The way we ensured the safe passage of the Olympic torch through India prompted a Chinese official to remark, “˜See, how the Indians stand and listen to our orders. We can attribute these weak Indian posturing to coalition politics, being fair, biding our time to prepare etc but sadly, it is how we have been defending our inability and submissive behaviour.

The preparations that have undergone in countering the Chinese menace are open knowledge and don’t demand enumeration. If one has to compare the concerted efforts by the Chinese in creating infrastructure to reach the Indian borders with ease; its claims over India’s northeast borders; the Tibetan and the Dalai Lama issue; its indoctrination against Indian interests by manipulating its media, vis-a -vis the Indian efforts to counter China, one would be aghast. The nation has conscientiously kept the thought of emerging China at bay and has been reveling under the cloak of naivety, about the growing bilateral and trade relations and ego pleasing promises being made by China.

…we won the previous wars neither due to military might nor weapon power but only due to the courage of men in the front.

However, India has been always magnanimous in appreciating the rise of China since it has accepted being bullied, sullied and taunted by the inimical neighbours. If the neighbours are, at times, seemingly cordial or cede to Indian demands, it is not because of India’s diplomacy, but due to international pressure/ramifications. The writing on the wall is for us to read ““ the patterns are similar, the demands have remained the same, the threats are growing and diplomacy has failed to cut much ice. It is time we change our strategy rather than “˜hoping against hope for things to improve.

While the nation has reconciled to the dubious talks, inane statements of our Govt and its machinery, however, it is disheartening to hear it from the Service Chiefs about the diminished capabilities, the reduced force levels and lack of defence preparedness due to red tape. The ex- Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta spoke of “coping up rather than countering China and Air Marshal Barboras spoke of the “culture of irresponsible politics which impinges very badly on the countrys defence preparedness.

It may be open secrets within the informed circles, but its admission in public doesnt serve the national interest. One should remember that we won the previous wars neither due to military might nor weapon power but only due to the courage of men in the front. They have been trained to achieve “much more with much less and “fight with what you have. Remember, the Defence Ministry is still acquiring snow boots, thermal cameras and other gadgets with which they should have fought the Kargil War, a decade back.

India has been always magnanimous in appreciating the rise of China since it has accepted being bullied, sullied and taunted by the inimical neighbours.

Whilst the Indian Government has to be blamed for not posing offensively, the force commanders have failed to maintain the rhetoric. Rhetoric, like body language, is vital for boosting morale of the defence forces. Pakistan has been feigning ignorance of its sinister designs despite conclusive evidence and mauls Indian integrity by mere rhetoric and inaction. China speaks in multi-tongues of its contribution to Indian growth and also blocks Indian interests and ventures at international arena, justifying its diabolic standards by rhetoric. India has to learn to play the game by the same coin.

The poor rhetoric has lead to lack of indoctrination in the soldiers mind which would turn out to be its Achilles heel to ward off the enemy in a military scuffle or euphemistically “limited war. Moving few air squadrons and raising few new battalions could not be more than a defensive posturing. To prepare for an asymmetric warfare, the ranks and files are to be indoctrinated against the enemies nefarious designs and the strategic need to win.

Are the commanders scared of a war? No. They are anxious about the dismal state of security affairs and the all pervasive helplessness: whether it is procurements, upgradation of arms, ammunition and armour, we are lagging behind due to the labyrinth of procedures, influential middlemen, shortsightedness of the bureaucracy and apathy of the political masters. This helplessness has manifested at all levels “the late President KR Narayanan spoke about his helplessness in the Godhra communal pogrom; the Supreme Court Judge stated “..God only should save this country; and the Prime Minister spoke about the Communists marring all growth in the previous regime. This helplessness expressed by the executive, legal and judiciary echelons is an indicator for immediate corrective action. On the other hand, the helplessness of the Commanders borders on the security and the sovereignty of the Republic. We cannot fight believing that we are vulnerable. The debates on operational preparedness are to be restricted to the defence forces and not expose our vulnerabilities to the world.

China has been very articulate in its vision of being the sole superpower by 2050. It is not clear whether the country, especially the Army, has studied and evolved tactics from the 1962 loss. If there is an escalation, China may not restrict itself to the northeast. It may open fronts in Tibet and Jammu & Kashmir, as well. In such a scenario, the Navy could only be a mute spectator, unlike a war in the Arabian Sea or in the Bay of Bengal. The Navy doesnt have the strategic reach to fight in the China Sea but it should at least have the deterrence and offensive capability to nip any attempt in the Indian Ocean. There could well be a situation where India is forced to contain China and deter Pakistan simultaneously. Indian can neither rest its oars, nor Dr. Abdul Kalams “˜India 2020″™ remain our “magnum opus till 2020.

Rather than speaking about the 1962 defeat, we should indoctrinate ourselves to repay the loss. China’s military is a big enemy.

The indecisiveness of the Government and the occasional outbursts of the senior military officers have provided ample ammunition for the media to thrive on. On 04 Dec 09 (what a coincidence, it was Navy day), a highly rated TV channel came up with its “Breaking News, the Army is not prepared for a war. It went on with minute details of “how many years it will take to reach 100 per cent combat preparedness in arms, armament and aviation to fight a war.

The journalist forgot that there is nothing called “100 per cent preparedness. Have we ever heard in India of a budget, insurance, housing, healthcare, social security that is 100 per cent. The journalist perfected the last nail on the coffin of India’s defence preparedness. With the Governments acceptance of the airspace violations by Pakistan and China; with Pakistan trying to cede away POK to China; with the Chinese preventing the J&K Govt laying a road within its jurisdiction and painting of “Indian stones in Mandarin or Cantonese; threatening to break India into pieces “and when the Government, for the first time, showed an offensive posture, here comes our “tell all reporter with a news of clinical precision, to the world that India is not prepared.

Whom are we doing it for? Are we doing it in the interest of the Pakistanis, the Chinese, TV ratings or is it a treatise material for the so called think-tanks and research students. The new media jargons like “Breaking News, “Impact News only “breaks the heart of patriotic Indians and their “impact on the Indian psyche cannot be even remotely positive.

We are not a war mongering nation and this is not a war cry but do not forget that danger is lurking in the corner. The writing is on the wall for everyone to read and act. Let us not prepare the nation for a defeat.

A discernible citizen as well as the enemy would read between the lines and interpret the message that the Government, its Military and Media have started believing that in a standoff between China and India, India is bound to lose. Is the nation preparing itself for a loss? If words are the predecessors of action, our words confirm our faith.

Democracy isnt all about the freedom to select and elect, speak and write. It also implies the duty of every citizen to defend its peace and tranquility. The enemies are trying to intimidate us, and are waiting for the opportune moment when there is sagging of morale, depletion of force levels, and serious internal discord.

Rather than speaking about the 1962 defeat, we should indoctrinate ourselves to repay the loss. Chinas military is a big enemy, great in firepower, but, it is not a battle hardened army. Let us stop overrating our enemy. They are willing to flex their muscle because of their new found economic growth, military modernisation and above all, our meekness. Notwithstanding that our growth is not comparable, we will allow our military capabilities to retard at our own peril.

If you want to win, dont speak about defeat; stand up together and speak in one voice. To fight a war, we have to indoctrinate and change our rhetoric; to win a war, we need more force levels. The time has come to posture aggressively, prepare incessantly, play up to their psychological warfare and plan our strategy.

We are not a war mongering nation and this is not a war cry but do not forget that danger is lurking in the corner. The writing is on the wall for everyone to read and act. Let us not prepare the nation for a defeat.

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28 thoughts on “Is India Preparing to Lose?

  1. any news item in the media which is likely to expose our weakness especially and expressly avoided by the media.
    freedom of expression doesn’t mean we do hara-kiri.
    The media very well knows the adverse impact of their content, That being so, if they try to sensationalize military’s preparedness, Government in the rightness of things showed severely censored the defaulters in a drastic way so that such news is not aired to the deterrence of our national interests.

  2. I think your article (i personally think its a blog) is poorly researched and one dimensional. Not only do your contradict yourself but encourage war mongering with neighbouring countries wanting to offer peace resolutions. Instead you have highlighted the typical Indian paranoia by labelling neighbours motives as belligerent sinister states to disguise India’s own insecurity. This sums up the Indian mentality…nothing to do with culture or religion. This is proven by Your ministers who have demonstrated this paranoid insecurity through various statements by encouraging hindu women to have more children and religious riots to rest any uneasy rebels. Lets face it, India will never progress unless it changes its way of thinking.

    India need to make peace with its neighbours and start to think how to keep the country together post Modi when their is econoic down turn….the country is simmering near boiling point the only thing that is keeping it together is potential propersity..but lets face it as soon as their is a depression or down turn and the rupees stop flooding into i.e.Gujjart, or punjab or HP, the language, culture and religious beliefs will break this false concept of singular Indian identity. Rest assure the only fact that i agree with your blog is that its inevitable that India will break up into 20 states and China will be the next super power…and Pakistan wont be far behind. So my advice is instead of war mongering find peaceful solutions so these countries help India to develop.

    NB If India do go to war with either Pakistan or China regardless of the outcome it will lose as the economy will never recover. So it cant afford to go to war.

    Love the American.

  3. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
    I agree 100% with all that you have said Mr. Rajan.
    The first line in an economics text states that if someone knows that you have a rupee in your pocket, they will try to get it by hook or by crook.
    Similarly, India enjoys nature’s bounty in many ways – it is therefore not surprising that neighours will try to grab whatever they can get away with. It is up to us to remain united and strong, to defend ourselves and deter aggressors.

  4. To some extend you are right. We believe Om Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu:
    May Peace & Happiness Prevail . But In-spite of foreign occupation Santan Dharma is still prevailing. Now it is spreading all over the world. Even after Muslim invasion majority of our rulers did not think off modernizing their Army . Westerners invaded this country, because they had better weapons . Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma (1706 – 7 July.1758) was king of Travancore from 1729 until his death in 1758. He was the only Indian King to beat the European armed force at the 1741 Battle of Colachel against the Dutch.[1]. After the war Dutch captain De Lannoy was entrusted with the job of training a Regiment of the army in European tactics of war and discipline. Captain de Lannoy performed this task to the entire satisfaction of Marthanda Varma and the Maharaja appointed him as one of his Generals. Donadi also was given a high military post. After getting independence Nehru had neglected the Army. But 1962 war was an eye opener for the civilian Govt. Today we are a military power and also nuclear power. We are in 4th position. We are a super power in the missile technology and its avionic We can easily defeat Pakistan. Pakistanis are Asuras. They won’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons. But something thing will come out in future like East Pakistan in 1971. Waziristan has already become a sensitive place. Ethnic Pashtuns are great warriors. The Muslims who are opted to leave India and to live in Pakistan are not happy. China will not attack us so long they depend on Gulf oil. We have a mighty naval force.

  5. I found your article very interesting. I am not an Indian, but share the values and custom of your sub-continent. I also served in the military and again I tend to agree with your analysis of Indian mentality. I think you need a leader, someone like Maggie Thatcher ( I didn’t like her or voteed for her) but she was straight talking and achieved and brought about monumental changes in the British psyche.

  6. I like your article but there are much too many things that are not in your equation. As the years went about indias development we kept losing the Republic or the state. At first before all we must have a grand state, which I’m afraid we have a bad one. It’s not a state fit to survive and won’t against a system of China. At least China has a system that it knows how to run and will survive. India has no system. It has borrowed an old haggard unknown system as an Imperial Colony, a parliament without knowing what happens in there or who are fit to discuss matter of state.

    The system of India is designed to fail. I don’t think China will make aggressive move. It will only walk in when India breaks due to its own bad state. There is no way India can survive because it will default economically first. That’s where the crumble starts. The reason is a wrong form of democracy that selects the illiterate and poor to lead and the unfortunate Army that accepts to be led. When india loses its tax net, and defaults there won’t be ration, salary and military upgrades coming in.

    Indian government is made of disgraceful people who are allowed to be in public office that know nothing about a Republic. Armies were lead and have always been a part of a Royal Court or Mercenary. Because armies cost. Army today is treated like a bureaucratic organization running errands. It is destined to falter and only for the cause of wrong state.

    A great state is devised by greatest philosophers who are also warriors. Ours is run by illiterate and tradesmen who are meek and cowards. What india needs to even start hoping it may not break and end a civilization and tradition is someone who can think the highest thoughts and create the grandest political and republican system. We need a hero to save India.

  7. “Pakistan may not call India weak after being beaten in war more than once”..this kind of delusional mentality is what makes India weak compared to any other military, ignore all the context and important details and tout some won battles against an adversary less than half India’s size as “winning the war”..that’s your problem right there. The obvious insecurity and the worse part is, its not just among the common indian, this mentality goes up to the highest ranks in indian establishment…you cant solve a problem unless you acknowledge it. you cant handle an opponent much much smaller in numbers, stop fantasying about China, come back to reality.

  8. “…we won the previous wars neither due to military might nor weapon power but only due to the courage of men in the front.”

    yea that says a lot about the wishful thinking India suffers from from top to bottom, icing on the cake the assumption of “winning war against Pakistan more than once”… whatever makes you feel good about yourselves, but this article gives a feel good vibe that India needs badly. India has yet to fight on it’s own without being a tool for stronger countries. Conveniently attributing “not being aggressive” to buddha this and that, there seems to be a lot of aggression as India quickly ranks up in the in the highest rapes in the world list. Stop living in this little bubble of yours, this bolywood facade that you guys used to fool the world has blinded yourselves, not the world.

  9. Kudos to you Mr. E. Rajan. You have nailed it. India needs thinkers like you who have the audacity to expose the government and its meekness. India’s ball-lessness started with our first prime minister, aka Nehru. His party ruled India for the last 60 years pacifying minorities and neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China. The elite congress party leaders are liberals who are always appologetic for being Hindus. As a Catholic of Indian origin, I am proud to say that I have Hindu culture in my blood (figuratively, of course).
    As an expatriate Indian, I am happy that India now has a new prime minister who cares about the strength and prosperity of my motherland.

  10. yes, i agree,,, India ‘s public does not have a public eye and they cannot see issues of nation; they live in days and local areas and have no idea of country. politicians particularly from now congress are foreigners and internal goodas who are there to loot. India cannot survive… destined to death.


  12. This is a right analysis and India needs to be prepared for a war rather than live on enemy’s good will and mercy. We rather follow the Israel. One can be excused for being fool once , but not twice. Modi ji its your time to do things that you wanted to make a strong India

  13. To reverse our defeatist & Pacifist mentality India needs to start becoming Focussed, Clear minded & even aggressive when necessary. Apart from other measures,the MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY IS TO BRING BACK THE KSHATRIYAS [ Armed Forced & martial races ] back into Military & security Decision making immediately & restore the Honour,Dignity,Protocol & other priveleges enjoyed by the Armed Forces & Martial races to Pre 1947 levels..Ever Since LORD PARSHURAM [6th Avatar of Vishnu ] Destroyed the Kshatriyas time & again, Kshatriyas have been Vilified. treated shabbily & looked upon with suspicion . Since then,India has been depleted of True warriors & Small bands of Invading armies have defeated us easily. The negative trend continues even today & The Indian Establishment treats the Armed Forces & Martial races shabbily & looks upon them with suspicion..Only a True Kshatriya [warrior ] can Plan,,Anticipate problems, execute & win wars with Finesse. The same can be said for Internal security & some aspects of Foreign policy…The EXAMPLE of Late FM Sam Maneckshaw is evident for all to see. In 1961 itself,He had Rightly called China as India’s enemy no one & subsequently, won a wonderful victory for india in 1971 Bangladesh war !!! P.S. WAR & Internal security & even Foreign policy are too important & Complex issues to be left in the hands of Corrupt,Scheming,Manipulative & mercantile minded Politicians & bureaucrats..Late Sam Maneckshaw had commented in 1961,That the KAUL BOYS are taking over the Indian army.[ In ref to late Lt.Genl BM Kaul- Nehru’s cousin ]Had he been alive today,he might well have lamented in anguish that the ” “CALL BOYS” have taken over the Armed Forces & the Min.of Defence !!!

  14. The author spoke out every single word of my mind. Looks like a great new Indian revolution in progress. Every Superpower have their fair share of revolution before they reach superpower-dom. Check out histories of every Superpowers. NOW, China is 3 times bigger territorially than India, n they even claiming for more lands for conquer, eg AP, Kashmir, Spartly island, Taiwan under One-China policy. Do u guys agree Tibet, Turkestan, Kashmir, AP is under Chinese leadership? Does this territory belongs to Indians since ancient times like Kanishka Empire n Mauryan empire? If China has One-China policy, Why not India has d same? An One-India policy which unites Greater India territory such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,Tibet,Turkestan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives n whole of South East Asia? More Lands, more resources, more people united under great nation. This is what China is doing now, y not India. Think about it

  15. Wrong analysis. It is slanted to prove India is soft and unreliable.

    Not true.

    In India, Aryan’s won against the locals, Hindu society lost to Muslim in the twelfth century, Muslim lost to the British in the eighteenth century and last of all the British lost to the Hindu society with Muslim taking away a part which was ungovernable anyway.

    Historically each victory was possible with sufficient aggression and clever planning to catch the ruler or the enemy unaware.

    Please revise your thinking.

    • Aryans won against the locals ? What a ridiculous example. Although i don’t agree with the article and share your sentiment that India was and is not weak, you have to be careful with your responses. Do you know history and how the false Aryan invasion theory have been used by westerners to divide Indians ?

      • Exactly.Some people are so obsessed by their skin color and caste that they don’t see that their country needs them to be united.This is so sick.Aryan means noble in Sanskrit and there is no such thing as Aryan race as it is being portrayed by some westerners.These people desperately need a leader who can stop this tragedy of caste and color division.

  16. ‘if there is a will’ ‘there is a way’, it is difficult to fight china but it is not impossible.
    But you forgot the fact that china is having the world largest borders in the world. It is having border with many countries. you cannot allow all the chinese soldiers to fight with India as other borders will be open. there is uprising going on in tibet, & some muslim dominated areas in china. Now it will not be easy for china to defeat us, they have to think twice. It is not 1962, it is 2013 now India is also well prepared. In the time of war if Indian people become one nobody can defeat india. But I cant understand one thing, if china is trying to create fight among our people in N. eastern states, why does india does the samething in china. The other fact both if china & pakistan will attack together, I am damn sure Russia Or USA will stand with us. God is great.
    Thanks. friends

  17. Mr. Rajan – every word you have written about our vulnerability is so very true. As long as we have pot bellied septuagenarian morally bankrupt physically disabled political personalities committing treason and sinful acts of amassing personal wealth by misusing power and positions for personal gains , we will neither have the spinal chord nor have the will to give a fitting reply to our ill wishing predatorial neighbors .

  18. it seems that u r very well aware of chindia scenario…………i agree with u……….but i will also add……….that if china is 20 then we are also 19………we r not 0………..and that gap of 1 is very huge i know………

  19. Indian army should have to be much aggressive on the Chinese borders and have to regular practice of war at the snow and mountain region and most important thing is to develop Infrastructure for the easy access of Borders.Our enemies will be on borders in 3 hours if war declared but we need 3 days and this all is due to poor leadership and poor political will power.

  20. A really well written and articulated piece. I totally agree with your thoughts that we the people of this nation are not aggressive. We need to take a tough stand against a nation who is confronting us in our own land. The soldiers of this nation are brave no doubt about that. Its the decision makers, the administrators and diplomats who are weak and are making this country weak.
    We should not sit quite and watch our land being taken away like this. Sooner or later we need to take a hard stand, a stand which is in interest of the people of this land.

  21. I am surprised at the predisposed thinking of the author in suggesting that Pakistan may not call India weak after being beaten after repeatedly seing Pakistani warriors who undertook suicidal attacks like Colonel Akram, the attack in siachin by 1st Azad Kashmir Regiment and the sinking of Indian Ship Khukri . You can kill a man but not defeat him. Why do you forget your own ancestor Raja Porus who was overpowered by Alexander but was never defeated. The Pakistani nation has survived so much of turmoil and bloodshed yet is determined to move on. Please give Pakistan and worry about China since one Day China will buy out India if it does not defeat it.

  22. Dear Rajan, a superbly articulated article with clearly heartfelt prose. You are rght in every aspect–being a soldier myself(now out of the forces, but still able & willing)–am most at the state of affairs and I dare say I may be speaking for the multitude—we are not short on courage by any standards and are prepared to great lenghts and bear hardships of any kind, if just let us do what we are supposed to do, bravery is cheap in the I ndian Forces!!! It is the responsibility of each and every Indian to standfast as one with the nation–and not behind anyone or anything–show-up and be counted. An exceedingly well written article with the relevant well brought out–but is there someone listening or even reading. Yeh toh chalta hi rehega!!!!! By the way I have extensive combat experience in every hotspot iin India—so believe me I know what I am talking about–have seen enough blood & gore. But we as a nation are on a different trip altogether. Bravery is cheap in the Indian Army.

  23. India is weak due to the failure of the IAS cadre.
    No country goes to war and claims to have won without it ensuring peace for itself for the next decade. No army wants to go to a war but when it does, it ensures that the enemy’s rise and repeating its adventure wont materialize for the next decade. Here we have won wars yet the soldier gets killed daily. Which other country is at peace with its soldiers getting killed daily. The term proxy is used as no politician, no IAS babu, no director of DRDO,HAL,NAL are getting killed or paying the price of their policies. With all military victory, the IAS and politicians have brought back India and Indian soldier back to square one..take kargil for example..from surprise to taking back our land…yet the status quo of pre kargil is maintained, soldiers getting killed by PAK fire and Pak trained people every day.

    Soldiers dont get paid enough in relation to their civilian counterparts,war veterans ignored,war injured ignored,no OROP, negligence towards gallantry award winners…substandard equipment by DRDO BEML under the emotional blackmail of indeginisation, squadron strength diminishing to ultra under conceived strength as monies diverted to DRDO for LCA,IJT, no procurements as monies drift in to make India’s toothless..again done under the guise of stopping corruption, no Trainers for IAF pilots..and then announcing human error of pilots in COIs whilst the human error was in strategy applied by the IAS and the chiefs in not putting their foot down whilst demanding necessary equipment or resigning.

    If India loses a war, the chiefs will enter their name in permanent ink, not the politician , nor the IAS cadre, nor DRDO,HAL/NAL chiefs…the chiefs men will die and his cadre will be widowed, not the politicians , nor the IAS babus…its the chiefs prerogative now to not allow any interference with respect to time bound maintaining indian armed forces supply, procurement, wages and H.R with respect to veterans

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