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Indian delegation witnessed performance of Ka-226T helicopter
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 19 Apr , 2018

The representatives of the Indian MoD visited Kamov Helicopters of Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec) within the framework of the project of the delivering 200 units of Ka-226T rotorcraft and establishing its serial production in India.  The Indian military took part in the demonstration flight of Ka-226T which is to be manufactured by the joint venture in Tumkur.

The Delegation of the Indian MoD visited prototype production facility and design bureau of Kamov Helicopters. The visitors were shown the digital models of Ka-226T which is the first digitally developed Russian rotorcraft.

A version of Ka-226T in a different technical configuration was designed specially for the Indian state customer. The production of rotorcraft shall be set up at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant of Russian Helicopters Holding Company, and subsequently it will be transferred phase-by-phase to the site of Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited joint venture in India. All in all, 200 units of Ka-226T helicopters are to be delivered to Indian military.

“Our Indian partners were demonstrated Ka-226T capabilities and learned more about the Holding’s groundwork for the project. This visit allowed the colleagues to not only ascertain high performance of this helicopter but to appraise scientific and technical potential of our design bureaus”, noted Andrey Boginskiy, Director General of Russian Helicopters Holding Company.

Light utility Ka-226T helicopter, featuring a coaxial main rotor system, with the maximum take-off weight of 3.6 tons is capable of transporting up to 1 ton of payload. It can be equipped with transport cabin, which allows transporting up to 6 people, or modules fitted with special equipment. Improved flight performance of Ka-226T helicopter, environmental friendliness, cost effectiveness, state-of-the-art avionics suite and additional flight safety solutions make this helicopter one of the best in its class.

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