Imran’s Unga-Bunga at UNGA
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 29 Sep , 2019

Before Pakistani PM Imran Khan sang his unga-bunga at the 74th session of UNGA on September 27, two incidents were noticeable. On September 26, US acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells, questioned why Imran Khan was not also speaking out about China, which has detained an estimated one million Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking Muslims. Replying to a question, Wells said, “I would like to see the same level of concern expressed also about Muslims who are being detained in Western China, literally in concentration-like conditions. And so being concerned about the human rights of Muslims does extend more broadly than Kashmir, and you’ve seen the administration very involved here during the UNGA and trying to shine a light on the horrific conditions that continue to exist for Muslims throughout China.” Imran, when asked earlier by reporters about China’s treatment of Uighurs, remained mum because Imran knows any slip of tongue can cost him his head.

Also on September 27, hundreds of taxis and trucks in New York displayed atrocities against minorities in Pakistan before Imran’s UNGA address. Some of the ads through rooftop digital advertising highlighted the plight   that read, “Pakistan: A country in denial of UN charter on Human rights” and “Mohajirs demand the UN intervention in Pakistan.” Wasay Jalil, former Mayor of Karachi and Nadeem Nusrat, Chairman Voice of Karachi told media, “Since Pakistan does not even allow Mohajirs to hold even peaceful protests … we have no other option but to approach the UN and other international bodies …. Atrocities against Mohajirs have been going on for decades, we have lost more than 25,000 lives and there have been thousands of forced disappearances.” Nusrat said it is ironic on part of Imran Khan to peddle a false narrative on Kashmir when his country’s own minorities are facing worst human rights.

Only the lesser known Pakistani atrocities against Mohajirs are  highlighted here because the ongoing genocide in Balochistan, FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan and dissent in these regions, as also in Sindh are  well known and documented. Ironically, Musharraf himself a Mohajir was also masterminding genocide pan-Pakistan including against Mohajirs in Karachi. Balochis and Sindhis too are protesting in the US against Pakistan. An aircraft flew close to the Statue of Liberty, trailing a banner appealing to the UN to address the atrocities in Balochistan. The killings, rapes and forcible conversion of Hindu and Sikhs in Imran Khan’s reign are on record, as are the killings of Shia Muslims and Ahmedis. It is amusing that ISI’s poodle Imran khan whose country reduced the minorities to mere 10% is preaching equality, peace free speech.

Imran’s habitual narcotics intake has been disclosed by his ex-wife Reham Khan long back, but Imran apparently had snorted double the usual for his maiden speech at UNGA, so as to look confident. Totally unmindful of the blinking red-light after time for him to end his talk, he went on raving for 50 minutes (Heads of State are expected to speak for about 15 minutes), projecting himself as the ambassador of radical Islam. Main focus of his speech was Kashmir, condemning India and threatening the world at large of nuclear war; on which he spent more than half his time. QJ Bajwa and Faiz Hameed, Pakistani army chief and DG ISI respectively, must have sat through the night with him, making sure he memorized every word.  

In his speech, Imran warned that when India lifts the curfew in J&K, there would be a bloodbath and that any all out India-Pakistan conflict would reverberate far beyond their borders. His rants included, “If this goes wrong, you hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. If a conventional war starts between the two countries … anything could happen. But supposing a country seven times smaller than its neighbor is faced with the choice – either you surrender or you fight for your freedom till death? What will we do? I ask myself this question … and we will fight. … and when a nuclear-armed country fights to the end, it will have consequences far beyond the borders.” Imran is the first head of state to threaten nuclear war at the United Nations – qualifying himself as nuclear terrorist? What a contrast to the 16-minute speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who didn’t mention Kashmir or Pakistan at all.   

The amusing part was heading a country known globally for high-level radicalization and generating terrorism, Imran spoke of Islamophobia – case of tail wagging the pig? The smart part was his reference to 9/11, not what his military and ISI are engineering today. He questioned the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, saying there is only one Islam. What he would be a lost to explain is why Pakistan wants to convert Pakistan from an Islamic country to a Radical  Islamic country? Would Imran reply to Agha H Amin, former Pakistani army major writing, “Pakistan sponsored Taliban who regard all Shias, Ismailis, non-Pashtuns, moderate Pashtuns as infidels who deserve to be massacred”? And what is happening inside Pakistan, some of which has been mentioned in preceding paragraphs?

Imran also spoke about the need for understanding other faiths. He need not go farther to look for it; he could learn from next door neighbor India. Herat Security Dialogue IV held in Afghanistan on October 2-3, 2015 with the theme ‘Islamic Civilization; Stagnation & Renaissance, saw participation from 17 countries (predominantly Muslim) and three international organizations – the United Nations, NATO and OIC. The keynote speaker was Salman Khursheed, former External Affairs Minister of India and politician of Indian National Congress. Khursheed spoke of inter regional civilization influences and explained that “Hinduism is a way of life that embraces all and that India has Hindus, Muslim Hindus, Sikh Hindus, Christian Hindus, Buddhist Hindus, Jain Hindus etc, which is a common phenomenon.” Dr Ali Akbar Shah, Professor Delhi University said that Islamic countries should learn from India where mysticism of all religions including of Islam have been amalgamated and absorbed.

Speaking about Islam, Ali Akbar Shah said India has absorbed both the Islam brought by invaders as well as by sages like Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. He said there is need to revive the true spirit of Islam and while everyone knows what has gone wrong, we need to act to set it right. Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta, former Foreign Minister of Afghanistan and NSA to President Hamid Karzai, hinting indirectly at Pakistan stated that “no terrorist group can stay active without having geographical and logistical backup. So the term ‘non-state actor’ is but a funny concept.” For that matter, Imran’s own radical credentials including his support to Taliban and terrorist organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) are well established.

Replying to Imran’s unga bunga address, Vidisha Maitra, First Secretary, India’s Ministry of External Affairs pointed out the abuse by Imran in using words and phrases like ‘pogrom’, ‘bloodbath’, ‘racial superiority’, ‘pick up the gun’ and ‘fight to the end’; reflected a medieval mindset, not a 21st century vision. More significantly, she asked: can Pakistan confirm the fact that it is home to 130 UN designated terrorists and 25 terrorist entities listed by the UN, as of today; can Pakistan deny that it seeks pension for a global terrorist who is on the Al Qaeda and Daesh sanctions list; can Pakistan deny that their premier bank – the Habib Bank had to shut down after being fined millions for being guilty of terror financing; would Prime Minister Imran Khan deny to the city of New York that he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden, and; will Pakistan deny that the Financial Action Task Force has put the country on notice for its violations of more than 20 of the 27 key parameters?

J&K is internal issue of India and so is revocation of Article 370. For that matter, Pakistan changed the constitutional status of Gilgit-Baltistan and gave away Shaksgam to China. But Imran knows that the raison d’être for Pakistan’s identity has always been bandied by the Pakistani military as Kashmir, without which they may be asked to return to barracks. Therefore, his and his military’s hopes are focused on complete lifting of communications restrictions in the five districts of Kashmir Valley that they managed to radicalize over the years. Infiltrations, drone-delivery of arms, ammunition, fake currency and narcotics is on. Imran plans to rush few thousand civilians to the LoC. As they says: Jab Geedar Ki Maut Aati Hai Toh Who Shahar Ki Taraf Bhagta Hai (when end of the jackal is near, it runs towards the city).

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About the Author

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch

is a former Lt Gen Special Forces, Indian Army

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2 thoughts on “Imran’s Unga-Bunga at UNGA

  1. Spoke well and was Candid.
    He took West to task on Climate Change, Tax Havens and Islamophobia.
    On Kashmir, melodramatic definitely but spoke from his heart and warned UN that a war may result in a Nuclear Exchange .

    And Sir But Leaders aren’t Bureaucrats or Diplomats.

    To support or wrest Kashmir , its freedom struggle , was planted in Pakistan by British . Their officers planned and executed 47-48 War. Pakistan gained a substantial piece of Kashmir.

    West too supports all budding democracies/ movement s , all over the World. In recent times Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, many African nations are prime examples.

    And our conduct in respect to Kashmir since 1947 has only given fillip to Pakistan s ambition.

    Imran, I think is a dangerous customer.

    Imran is Oxford educated.

    He is a cricketing legend.And came out of retirement to LEAD lowly placed Pakistan to World Cup victory .

    Having lost his mother to Cancer, he begged and danced and played all over the world , gathered funds to build the First Cancer Speciality Hospital and today they have grown into 3 ( Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi).

    In 1996 , he launched a new Political party in Feudal Pakistan and the first in Asia before AAP .

    Today he is PM of one of the most difficult society and Country in this world. And he is on a Mission. Has no shame in begging for His Country’s good.
    Endorsed Modi to get IMF loan .

    He is a MAN , a Leader and Selfless too .

    That is why he is most dangerous person for India.

    Of course in Achievement s , all Indian politicians including RaGa far outstrip him.

    This is not to Eulogies him but to tell bare facts we Indians must remember.
    He is a dangerous customer.

  2. Li Gen Katoch, thank you for shining light on the real problems facing Pakistan. It should be noted however that Modi’s historical decision on Kashmir, was backed by steel-backbone threats to Pakistan by the Indian armed forces, namely, army, navy and air force Result, Pakistan’s military and Imran Khan lost the war before they could start one. It behooves India, not to sit on it’s laurels now because Pakistan will gin up yet another conflict. Remember, this is their only way they know, how to keep their nation together. Nearly half of Pakistan’s budget is blown in the pursuit of Kashmir war with India. They will not give up and most likely notch it up with nuclear sabre rattling next time. India cannot gamble on this scenario when the enemy is so unstable. It is time to prepare for retaliation for a nuclear war manufactured by Pakistan for political reasons in the neighborhood. It is time to strengthen the triad force, namely, submarines (operating in the Arabian sea within missile throw of Karachi and Islamabad), land based missiles and bombers to rain destructive ammunition on Pakistan, should they go nuclear. It is also time to put on the table, for policy discussion and planning, an option to take out Pakistan’s nuclear menace once and for all if they dare to start a nuclear war. Israel’s cooperation and help should be solicited in such an event. It is rumored that during Bajpai’s regime in the late 70’s an offer was made by Israel to join India to bomb Pakistan’s nuclear sites but India chickened out. Had India and Israel acted on this, Pakistan’s nuclear threats today would be pipe dreams.

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