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If India does not survive, then who would?
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 28 Feb , 2017

What has conspired in Delhi University (DU) recently is not a matter of ‘freedom of speech’. It is also not a case of ‘intellectual freedom’. Some of the key conspirators are students to whom college degrees have been eluding for several years. In these intervening years, they have been availing facilities and funds provided by the government at the cost of many other more deserving and less privileged young boys and girls. The years that these students have taken in struggle with academics are indicative of their sincerity, character and mental abilities.

Who on this earth would like to listen to eructation’s of such imbeciles in a seminar? These characters have found support from the same teachers who have not been able to bring them to the standards of barely passing the examinations in the stipulated time. These teachers do not carry even a hint of guilt.

The whole DU incident needs to be seen with the prism of national security, which has two vital components, i.e. internal security and external security. In fact, national security is an outcome of the degree of harmony between the two.

What is palpable of these teachers is not their academic learning but their anti-India posturing on various TV channels. Are these teachers only to impart education to those with whom they share ideological affinity? Don’t they have a wider and more sacred responsibility? This criminal compact between subverted teachers and students in the college campuses is wrecking India from within.

The whole DU incident needs to be seen with the prism of national security, which has two vital components, i.e. internal security and external security. In fact, national security is an outcome of the degree of harmony between the two.

To decipher the phenomenon of the student-teacher criminal compact in JNU, Jadavpur, Osmania and now Delhi University, the evolving contours can be traced back to the year 1979. This was the year when the Iranian Revolution took place, this was the year when there was an attack on Mecca and this was the year when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Consequently formidable jihadi machinery in the name of ‘global jihad’ was assembled by the military-intelligence establishment of Pakistan on the Af-Pak border region. Money and weapons flowed from Saudi Arabia and US respectively.

The then US National Security Advisor Brzezinski is on record to say that he provoked the Soviet Union in doing so. He told the then US President Jimmy Carter that Soviet Union has been given its ‘Vietnam’. Films were produced in the US with the theme ‘Islam versus Communism’. Communist Soviet Union after a long decade of war in Afghanistan had to retreat and the Union collapsed. The jihadis were triumphant. The grand finale of the Cold War was won by jihadis for the US. It could not have been possible without the Saudi money, its Wahhabi ideology and a jihadi president of Pakistan – Zia-ul-Haq. The US strategic interests in Afghanistan waned and it left the field open to the machinations of Pakistan.

A proxy war cannot be without proxies. Consequently proxies were created at various levels. The communists had mastered the art of infiltrating judiciary, academia and the media.

It may be underscored that the collapse of Soviet Union was not because of lack of military wherewithal, but due to the jihadi ideology which proved more formidable than Communism.

The communists retreated and the jihadis won in Afghanistan, but these two vicious ideologies struck with vengeance on India. A number of global jihadi groups were unleashed by Pakistan’s military-intelligence establishment on Kashmir. These groups were indeed heady and over-confident after having humbled Super-Power. They reckoned that Kashmir was not more than six months job for the Afghanistan war hardened mujahideens. The Indian Army made them realize that their jihadi fighting prowess may have defeated communist soldiers, but was no match to Indian nationalism. It is then that the military-intelligence establishment of Pakistan embarked on proxy war. Concurrently, communist China revived its own proxy war in form of ‘Maoists’. Subsequently, some European countries and Church organizations also tapped in.

This proxy war has an overwhelming ideological component. A proxy war cannot be without proxies. Consequently proxies were created at various levels. The communists had mastered the art of infiltrating judiciary, academia and the media. In fact, their capture of these institutions was nearly total. Communist parties in mainstream politics cleverly used the Maoists to terrorize Indians in the hinterland especially in mineral rich areas and areas where they could forge a criminal compact with the jihadis and church organizations for de-stablishing India.

Embodying the criminal compact between the Jihadis, Maoists, Khalistanis and the Church is one Chief Minister, who has successfully leveraged all the anti-India forces outside and within the country. One of the objectives of the surgical strike by India across the LOC was to put pressure on Pakistan dispensation through its people, about the dangers of retribution to proxy war. This Chief Minister with known links to the ISI questioned the very occurrence of the strike. Faithfully, the Pakistani media under the diktat of the ISI splashed it all-across. The same Chief Minister has been playing around with the sentimentality of martyrdom of Indian soldiers in pursuing his anti-national agenda. Earlier he did it with regard to OROP, wherein he colluded with an unworthy son of an irregular defence personnel (not a soldier) to spread disaffection in the armed forces, and now through an innocent girl, who is falsely being portrayed as a daughter of a ‘Kargil Martyr’. Even if it is true, progeny of martyrs do not have the license to indulge in anti-national or criminal activities.

It is the communists in India, who have created the term ‘right-wing’ to justify their existence and neutralize the ‘nationalists’.

The symbiosis of relationship between the mainstream communist parties and the Maoists was evidenced recently when the CPI national executive member Binoy Vishwam paid tribute to top Maoist leaders Kuppu Devraj and Ajitha, who were killed in an encounter in Nilambur Forests on 24-Novembr 2016. He said: “it is the duty of a communist to pay respect to a felled comrade.” He also went on to say that when the left-wing is ruling the state, police should not resort to right-wing attitude.

It is the communists in India, who have created the term ‘right-wing’ to justify their existence and neutralize the ‘nationalists’.

Thus, India has been impacted by two ideologies completely foreign in their import and alien to the Indian soil, i.e. jihadism and Maoism.

This author as a part of government sponsored study project on Maoism travelled through the ‘Red Corridor’. In this study tour, he interacted with the District Magistrate of Gaya, who narrated an incident wherein the Maoists had issued a diktat that only ‘Black Flags’ will be hoisted in all schools on the Independence Day. In one of the schools, a girl of Class-VIII in a fit of reaction pulled down the black flag and hoisted the ‘National Flag’. Her family is missing since then. Was she a ‘right-winger’? Did she not deserve ‘nationalist freedom’ in the school campus? Was she a ‘right-wing’ goon?

The fact of the matter is that all these terminologies, i.e. left-wing, right-wing, communism and socialism are foreign terms, which do not reflect the reality and genius of the Indian land. The word ‘socialism’ was inserted into the preamble of our ‘sacred Constitution’ 25 years later. It may be mentioned that B R Ambedkar had refused to put it in the preamble arguing that it should be best left to the genius of future generations, who may come-up with better political concepts. Ironically, it is these foreign ideologies that are buffeting India.

The meeting of Maoists and the jihadis in the universities or the national capital is not incidental.

Indian military thinkers and planners look at Pakistan and China only through the prism of force levels and military capabilities. The ideological component of Pakistan as an ‘Islamic State’ and China a ‘Communist State’ has not engaged their due concern. The attack on the Pathankot airbase was not a military attack, but an ideological attack through jihadis, nurtured in the religious factories of Pakistan which provides an endless supply of suicide-bombers. Similarly, the Chinese are not fighting the war on the borders, but inside the Indian hinterland through the Maoists in all forms. Its manifestation is the ‘Red Corridor’ and over-ground anti-India agitation of the Maoists in some universities of India. No wonder the students at the JNU danced and feasted all night when 73 CRPF soldiers were killed. So much respect for martyrs and martyrdom!

The meeting of Maoists and the jihadis in the universities or the national capital is not incidental. One source, who was in Pakistan, revealed to this author that in a gathering in Karachi, a Pakistani ISI operative, Cheema, unveiled the project of bringing the jihadis and the Maoists together in the national capital. This ISI operative was posted in the High Commission of Pakistan and orchestrated the anti-national drama at the JNU. He was subsequently identified and sent back to Pakistan by the Indian authorities.

The process of forging the nexus between the Maoists and the Jihadis has been going on for some years now. Some of the ISI-operatives based in Bangladesh have confessed as such during their interrogation. It also emerged that Dawood too wanted to tap into this nexus to get a foot-hold in the illegal mining industry.

What India is witnessing in some of the University campuses is the meeting point of two murderous foreign ideologies – jihad and Maoism.

What is, however, most alarming is the ISI–Maoist – criminal nexus to cause large scale casualties on hapless, unsuspecting railway passengers in India. An ISI man Shamshul Hoda, an aspiring politician in Nepal, was one of the key plotters in this regard. He was responsible for the derailment of Indore-Patna Express in which 150 people had died. Later there was also an attempt to blow-up a railway track at Ghorasan in East Champaran District of Bihar. When the bomb failed to explode, two Indian operatives (Maoists with criminal record), were called to Bara in Nepal and killed by Hoda’s men. Such attempts have also been made in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The conspiracy is linked to Karachi in Pakistan and subsequently it traverses through Dubai, Nepal and into North Bihar. Money, more importantly fake currency, plays a big role in this entire affair. Nepal is thus serving as a nerve center for targeting railways by the ISI-Maoists nexus. It needs to be emphasised that this nexus is being forged under the Maoist dispensation in Nepal.

What India is witnessing in some of the University campuses is the meeting point of two murderous foreign ideologies – jihad and Maoism. Both have travelled to India after spilling rivers of blood through the territories that they traversed. Communism arrived in India after killing nearly two million people in Russia and three million people in China.

When the war between jihad and communism began in Afghanistan, the great Pashtun leader Bacha Khan said: “I can see the rivers of blood flowing across Pakistan and when it reaches India, it would be catastrophic for the region”. When questioned about the logic of including India in his prophecy, he said: “I have seen the violent response of ‘Hindu Baniya’ in retaliation to Mullahs provocation during the partition riots. Violence shall not confine itself to geographical boundaries, but it will travel far and wide and would be impossible to extinguish”.

Liberty can survive only in secure space. Both the ideologies have killed the liberal space wherever they have held sway.

India can only ignore the murderous ideological component of proxy wars by Pakistan and China at its own peril. As China and Pakistan move from strategic embrace to territorial embrace twin ideological threat is getting increasingly accentuated. Those who need to be immediately confronted are the ones who have taken the English route to jihad and Maoism under the garb of liberals and intellectuals. In India English speaking Jihadis generally masquerade as Communists. Liberty can survive only in secure space. Both the ideologies have killed the liberal space wherever they have held sway.

This author was told by the Collector of Dantewada in Chattisgarh that the Maoists repeatedly destroyed all electric poles erected under the Rajiv Gandhi Vidyutkaran Yojna, because they did not want their captive tribal to be exposed to benefits of electricity and TV. The agenda of Maoists is destruction and not development.

It is therefore the sacred duty of English speaking and non-English speaking patriots to take-on the English speaking shopkeepers of anti-nationalism in this war of ideologies or war of narratives. If India does not survive, then who would?

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The views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the Indian Defence Review.

About the Author

RSN Singh

is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW and author of books Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and The Military Factor in Pakistan. His latest book is The Unmaking of Nepal.

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20 thoughts on “If India does not survive, then who would?

  1. How can Indian citizens reach out and serve the nation. There are no methods or tools or institutions to fight the Anti Indian forces.

    Why are we teaching wrong history, so many Indians are useless because of wrong education. So many Indians would like to fight but they are stuck. How do we come out of this situation. Who will guide us and who will teach us to fight for our nation? Who can we talk to ?

  2. Well said sir, by two bit
    #Nationalism debate.

    In many ways ,it is heartening that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, the gloves and masks are off, the protagonists of the conflict are out in open. It is fundamentally the ideas, the thought process, and the motives behind that has been forced to be defined for all to see and discern.
    So we finally have on north campus, the naked form of left ideology being challenged/ exposed in specifics. The complex semantical spins given by its ideologues through a senseless concoction of distorted history, class struggle, selective equity , secessionism, insubordination to own nationhood and unbridled violence in all formats have been identified and laid bare.
    “You do not have sufficient reason to debate intellectually with us” – so screamed the most scheming demagogue of left, Sitaram Yechury.Great audacity of the man. For, the range and depth of his intellectualism begins and ends with rss/ hindu bashing for all ills of this planet, accusing and name calling modi/ bjp, besides the usual bromides of dialectics
    In this backdrop came the new narrative of nationalism, with freeloading swine’s of JNU seeking open sedition and breaking up India, kicking up a reactionary backlash.
    This backlash was conveniently packaged and projected as assault on free speech, completely bypassing the constitutional mandate of its limits in this lie.
    That said, the pitch has been set to create an atmosphere of anarchy in the capital, no matter all was well till a week back.

    It’s time to call their bluff , eradicate this real termites, this disease decisively from national relevance. Since it is pegged around “nationalism”, a nebulous terminology that gives them levy to manipulate around, it is important to define “Anti nationalism” instead.

    Just like it is easier to identify pain instead of pleasure, disease instead of health, noise instead of silence- it is much easier to identify and define ANTI NATIONALISM. instead of nationalism.

  3. The same very english speaking liberals muffled the voice of others prior to May 2014. Every debate on any subject was converted to anti Modi debate. Whether relevant or not, Gujarat riots would be brought forth. Modi and Amit Shah would be accused. Finally what was the result. Modi emerged as the winner. The people of India do understand these pseudo seculars, pseudo liberals and communists. Even in current debates over TV also you can easily discern these anti Nationals by their behaviour – they would interfere and not let the sanity prevail. Those seeking Aazadi should know that the Aazadi is there that is why they can yell so much anti national slogans and still be around. In any other country, they would be taken care of differently.

  4. Before this great and growing internal threat begotten by India’s Constitution and charlatan Cambridge, Columbia, Elphinstone, Presidency, St. Joseph’s, St. Stephen’s, Madras Christian, Loyola educated “founding fathers” who knew less about Indian History, cultures, traditions, religions and lives than their British over lords, that resolves itself into Blue, Green, Red and White belts that are crushing the country for their personal pleasure, pelf, perpetuation and perversions, all other threats become “lesser evils”.

    *Note: PANGOLIN: An enemy of India who believes in inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law and persecution of some for the benefit of others. At present, the sole purpose of the Indian Republic, Constitutional or otherwise, is to pamper and provide for certain constitutionally preferred sections of society who the British found useful to hold and exploit India at the cost of those who the British hated and persecuted. The Pangolin is a creature that is unique to India and feeds on ants that are known in nature to be industrious and hard working if not quite as fruitful as bees who flee to better climes. (PANGOLIN is an acronym for the Periyar-Ambedkar-Nehru-Gandhi-Other (alien) Religions-Communist Consensus that usurped the British Mantle and has worn it with elan to loot, plunder, and rape India since 1921 and re write History and laws to their exclusive benefit since 1947)


  5. The PANGOLIN*s set India against itself.The civil war predicated by the Constitution is reflected in India’s gen next:

    From Jat agitation to Gujarati Patels, to Islamic ethnic cleansing to communist pogroms, to Brahmin exodus into exile to Government and its employees looting and plundering the hapless with impunity to the Judiciary’s contempt for tradition, culture, religion, law, procedure, evidence and facts.

    All of India’s seething unrest both kinetic and potential can be traced back to India’s grotesque “Animal Farm” Constitution and “Social Engineering” Laws that enforced a British day dream of Islamo Marxism that Britain, itself, dare not have attempted in Britain, let alone India..

    Basically the “Divide to rule” and “Keep the natives subservient” Government of India Act (1935) condemned India to a perpetual state of civil war when it was plagiarized into the Indian Constitution in 1949 with elements borrowed from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” being added to it ad nauseam.

    India needs to be vary of the Periyar-Ambedekar-Nehru-Gandhi-Imported Religions-Communist (PANGOLIN) Consensus that has looted, plundered, raped and massacred it since 1947 by means of the “Reservations-Corruption Raj” that the Pangolins created and maintained. This is why India has been so weakened from the Great Power that it was in 1957 to below Sub-Saharan Africa (UNDP – 2015) at 135 out of 172 countries in Human and Social Development and 143 out of 172 countries in internal peace and stability. Home to 30% of the World’s poor, India stood first in number of bomb explosions in 2016 with twice as many as Iraq.The violence under the surface of India, waiting to break out, is of massive proportions.


  6. The author of the script is Aam Admi Party decided seven months back by the ISI. It envisages subverting the loyalty of serving military personnel through ex-servicemen on themes like OROP and rations. This girl Gurmehar was subverted by AAP filmmaker to act in a movie with anti-national theme. Most pictures being put up by the media in respect of her is one year old.The overall scheme is to bring all anti-India elements–Khalistanis, Jihadis, Maoists and the Church together. Next plan is to capture power in a border state in Goa or Punjab, or both, and smuugle massive insurrection within India. Wake up Indians.

    • Yes the Pakistani terrorists supports like young who only wants war & killing, won’t understand the peace message given by a 20 year old, all she said is that there should be peace between India and Pakistan, & only he traitors of this country would be interested in deaths of our soldiers, & seems like u r one of those, not like u have to lose ur family member in this war, those who r losing understand the pain better, even true nationalist will understand the pain, but u won’t.

      RSN Sir, I have some information to share with u, can u provide the link to ur email or contact information, in here, or in my reply.

  7. Great Analysis Mr. RSN Singh. Pakistan, China and other anti India forces are trying to break India from within and their agents in this unholy cause are certain NGOs, Universities, Media houses, Political Parties. We have been attacked from inside by these fronts who are masquerading as liberals and intellectuals that claim to be just interested in free speech and open debate. What a great cover story these anti nationals have constructed and what great tactics do they employ from time to time. Its not just students who are instigating all this but higher powers from outside of India are at work. The general public is unaware of the real great game being played and needs to wake up to the truth before its too late and India becomes the next Syria.

  8. The point here to note is the way Pakistan and China opting to destroy india is through the red corridor and Of course through some universities, need of the hour is that we must understand all the seen behind this and take necessary action against those who do such anti national activities. Thanks for Mr.Singh to write this. And seriously it’s matter of concern, if not now then when?

  9. The approach presented in above column is totally biased and in convergence with Ruling party’s Ideology(BJP).Perhaps Mr. Singh should try to find the solution within instead of blaming it on other countries in the region.(except Pakistan and china whose anti India activities are well known).Self introspection is the key to alleviate India’s suffering.Targetting any CM without any substantial proof against him is so unbecoming for the person of your stature…And about the recent DU incident the hoolinganism of ABVP is responsible.In the current context the biggest threat to Indian internal security is from the FASCIST forces controlled by RSS and other HINDU NATIONALISTIC FORCES..

  10. Very informative, infect eyeopener, if India will not survive who will.I recall one interview in Outlook, where a young girl Maoist, tribal foot soldier was asked about the ceiling fan and she was not aware of it! We need not to be idealistic but realistic, if communists were so poor friendly why the state of west Bengal is in such shape,where present CM is having Oath in the name of Allah while in Indonesia a non-Muslim can not use this word.Present referred CM,I must say very shrewd, who questioned surgical strike, following communist agenda in the name of nationalism and anti corruption and became successful in defeating both major national parties! We need to become realistic and hardcore realistic.Regards Sir.

  11. Gurmehar foisted,. This girl was a part of video film project ‘Heart of Ram’ made by an AAP member. Kejriwal’s Pakistan links are well known.The film supposedly removed all misgivings and apprehensions about muslims and Pakistan. Muslim students of Jamia Milia rally behind her. Gurdawara Prabhandak Committee and Sikh defence veterans come to her support. Leftists ,Congress and Church (John Dayal) join the bandwagon. Perfect anti-national script for AAP for MCD elections.

  12. Sir,
    The most worrying part is that, the place where this ideology is professed is government funded, and Government seems to be helpless as to stopping grant or twisting the financial arms of these anti-national! How come the funds still flow? if a private individual would have funded he would faced money laundering law etc….

    But the rot seems to be spading from one university to another and some prestitutes glorify these anti-nationals….

    God save India.
    Deepak Ghanvatkar

  13. There is a need to nip the rot in the bud. Institutions like JNU and Osmania University need to be regulated by the UGC, wherein it should be compulsory for students to finish their course within the stipulated period with a grace period of one year only. Subsidies and grants being given to these institutions be withdrawn. Emphasis should be on education rather than reactionary learning. The faculty needs to be culled of reactionary elements. The governments should stop playing vote bank politics in all spheres of Indian life or they will lead the country to disaster.

  14. All the dots lead to hyderabad osmania univ and jnu delhi…..these universities have become cradle of anti india movements were secessionists get patronage of pseudo liberal-intellectual class, which are themselves creation of dirty covert games of Marxists(russian), CIA ,MAOISTIS (CHINESE INTEL), ISLAMIC REVOLUTIONISTS LIKE SIMI etc (PAKISTAN)…… It’s high time our intel agencies connect the dot and go public by filing respective cases.
    This is the day intel agencies are fed for…..it time the act……

  15. The Aam Aadmi Party and Maoists (AISA) are such that they can make traitors out of martyrs children. They have done this successfully on two occasions. Gurmehar Kaur family was subverted by Aam Aadmi Party during its election campaign in Punjab.

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