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Honeywell T-Hawk: Hover and Stare capability provides real-time surveillance
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 15 Nov , 2010

Honeywell announced that its T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle, the only fielded unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with hover and stare surveillance capability, has recorded its 10,000th flight since introduction.

Honeywell_mav-whiteThe 10,000th flight was part of an Explosive Ordinance Disposal evaluation exercise in Iraq. Honeywell’s T-Hawk micro air vehicle is a 17-pound vehicle that can hover and stare and offers an option of electro optical or infrared camera sensors for real-time surveillance without exposing soldiers to enemy fire.

“The T-Hawk is combat-proven in Iraq,” said Prabha Gopinath, Strategic Director, T-Hawk, for Honeywell Aerospace. “Honeywell’s T-Hawk has been used successfully to search for improvised explosive devices, to protect convoys and to hover over an objective area for continuous monitoring in advance of war fighter units.”

T-Hawk was introduced and fielded in Iraq with the U.S. Army in 2007.

At just 14 inches in diameter, the Honeywell T-Hawk vehicle is small enough for a backpack and can be deployed within five minutes. The T-Hawk features vertical take-off and landing and can fly up to 10,000 feet at 46 miles per hour, in winds up to 20 knots. Honeywell delivered the first production T-Hawks to the U.S. Navy in August 2009.

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