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Honeywell enhances passenger comfort and productivity in Boeing Business Jets
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 16 Nov , 2010

Honeywell announced that its Ovation Select Cabin Management System has been selected for installation in two different Boeing Business Jets, providing customers with superior in-flight connectivity for work or leisure.

Boeing_BBJAfter competitive and technical reviews, Greenpoint Technologies and JetTech Aerospace aircraft completion centers chose Honeywell Ovation Select, the industry’s latest generation cabin management system, for Boeing 737 executive transport aircraft expected to enter service in 2011.

“There is very strong customer demand for an aircraft cabin system that is as good or better than the all-digital, high-definition systems they have in their homes and offices,” said Brian Sill, Honeywell’s vice president for Business and General Aviation Aftermarket. “Honeywell delivers market-leading passenger in-flight connectivity that is seamless and easy – whether you’re connected via your BlackBerry or laptop, using your iPod or watching a Blu-ray movie.”

“As a recognized BBJ completion center, Greenpoint is proud to partner with Honeywell on our next BBJ project. Ovation Select represents the next generation of CMS/IFE systems and exceeds our demand for performance, technical pedigree, and value,” said James Rial, senior sales engineer, Greenpoint Technologies.

“JetTech is excited about installing the Ovation System in our customer’s BBJ aircraft. We feel this system is superior to other systems on the market and offers the latest technological advancements. With ease of installation and Honeywell’s proven ability to interface to other systems, we feel this product will serve our customers needs exceptionally well,” said Bret Burnside, president, JetTech Aerospace LLC.

Boeing_BBJ_2Honeywell Ovation Select is a fully digital, high-definition, high-fidelity, high-speed cabin suite delivering crisp surround sound audio, vivid high definition (HD1080p) video and digital communication distribution throughout the cabin, satisfying the growing bandwidth demands of tomorrow’s high-tech communication devices. Honeywell has incorporated all the digital interfaces needed to connect high-speed satellite communications, consumer electronics from iPod devices and MP3 players, to the AppleTV and high-definition gaming systems. Accessing and controlling the total cabin environment is accomplished through an icon-based, touch-screen interface that offers a similar look and feel, whether it’s the full-size monitor, drink-rail-mounted personal control units, or wireless hand-held remote.

Honeywell equipment available on Boeing aircraft includes the auxiliary power unit, cabin management system and services, communication, navigation and information management, displays, environmental control system, electric power, electronic fuel controls, flight controls, flight management systems, lighting, mechanical components, surveillance equipment, wheels and brakes.

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