Geo-Politically, India is at a Crucial Juncture
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 28 Mar , 2019

In the world’s second largest democracy, who leads its people not only becomes symbolic of the country’s worldwide identity, it also decides the future and course of its geo-political stability. At this stage we are forced to ask ourselves that do political parties really need to be credited with the accomplishment of our armed forces. While the ruling party will definitely try to hog the limelight and try streamlining the bravery of the country’s armed forces into a thumping victory, the opposition and their allies have gone all the way to start calling surgical strikes “planned and pretentious.” It’s sad that people of India are being served with content that entices but does not enlighten.

According to a recent BBC news piece, in February 2019, António Guterres, UN Secretary General had disclosed in his report to the Security Council that even though Iraq’s government affirmed victory in December 2017, IS has already “substantially evolved into a covert network,” so the Syrian army’s claim of having wiped off the jihadist group completely may not be much of a reason to rejoice after all! Pakistan being a failed state, became an easy breeding place for terror activities and their upbringing. Probably, they also realize that China is just using them for its own vested interest to make gateways through Pakistan and build trade links with other countries.

While the whole world has unequivocally hailed Mazood Azhar as a global threat, China is using this opportunity to appease Pakistan and win its confidence ­­— no wonder the former has become an invertebrate puppet of the latter, but the Chinese have been known throughout history for their backstabbing ways.  US and India, along with many other nations have voiced concerns over the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) as China has given out enormous loans to smaller countries for a number of infrastructure projects knowing well their lack of ability to pay back the money.

India on the other hand is happy that their forces have done it yet again; but the aggressive and populist media has taken things a bit too far. Can’t we realize that this isn’t the first time the enemy has been attacked, haven’t such strikes happened in the past as well, a section of the media is trying to paint a picture that the forces are performing only because the political establishment is so effective.

It comes across as such a farce that we Indians have become so myopic of the past that we fail to recall the fact that the country’s forces have always gone beyond the expectations of people, irrespective of who the elected political party at the centre is. The social media seems to making things even worse, where seemingly sensible folks are implying that it’s only a certain leader’s charisma that has brought down the enemy down on its knees.

What needs to be understood is that strategic military attacks are not executed by the push of a button,  much more goes into the endeavour — which encapsulates working closely with Intel agencies, a gamut of information and cross border expertise to execute the final call. It’s sad to see that the country’s major political parties and their allies are shooting with their guns positioned on the Indian soldier’s shoulder.

Now with the Yasin Malik run JKLF being banned the political climate in the valley has yet again began to seethe with PDP and NC calling it uncalled for and a vindictive political strategy by the centre, which they claim is just flexing its muscle power in the absence of a Government in India administered Kashmir. A simple question arises here that why now? Does the country’s security become a burning issue only when elections are around or after a terror attack. Why were such separatists groups given so much of leverage in the region in the first place? They claim that they represent the sentiments of the Kashmiri people, but what good have they ever done for them expect for the fake lofty promises of freedom?

The media has to stop portraying political heads as messiahs who at the moment are even trying to monopolize Gods for a swing in their vote count. The opposition is calling the Prime Minister by all the nastiest names it can think of. The question is the media so keen in translating such disgraceful things into prime time news subjects, don’t we have better things to think about. Certain International security experts have conveyed a clear message that Islamic jihad has not yet displayed any pertinent sign in slowing down or giving up yet. There is a strong probability that many of them may converge to emerge as a bigger threat to world peace.

The good news for India that it’s second defence corridor is all set to make India’s forces a mighty power to reckon with. With manufacturing giants like Boeing, L&T, Thales, Altran, TAAL, Honeywell and Sanmina- SCI making major investments in an attempt to increase the manufacturing of defence and aerospace components in India, a definitive accomplishment of the “Make in India” campaign.

India has to stop getting carried away by the puerile and at times irresponsible conduct of its politicians. The 2019 Lok Sabha election is crucial for the country’s Geo-political stability. With China refusing to leave Pakistan’s side it’s imperative that they are determined to cause India further damage. At a time when the entire world has its eyes set on our political future, the least we can do is react to what is shown to us by the electronic media with a fair amount of prudence. The politicians want to win the elections, but the Armed forces have to protect the borders and national interests to the best of their abilities, and a stable and trustworthy Government is the need of the hour.

When the media invests so much time exposing the frivolities of politics, it only gives the enemy yet another opportunity to showcase its menace. Elections and having the right representation at the centre and states is important — and a robust political establishment will ensure a stronger Geo-political position for India, but things won’t change if we don’t change the way we perceive our political system. It’s high time now!

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Shaumik Samar Ghosh

Shaumik Ghosh,has been working with the media as a journalist and writer since the last 12 years.

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