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Elbit Systems' EEMTraining System Inaugurated by Israeli Home Front Command
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 15 Nov , 2010

The Israeli Home Front Command (HFC) recently inaugurated Elbit Systems’ Emergency Events Management Training System (the System) by holding its first large scale exercise. The System is stationed at the HFC’s headquarters and supports a unified effort to effectively mitigate any large scale emergency event and continually prepare for the HFC’s mission to prevent, detect, and respond against all hazards.

un_Elbit-Systems-HLS-TraineThe System includes training capabilities for all types of forces such as NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) and search and rescue as well as the HFC’s other internal training needs. The System also provides training for all the emergency organizations that are involved in response recovery from disaster events in complex, heavily populated urban scenes and strategic infrastructures.

The innovative System simulates reliably and realistically for integrated responses to complex emergency events occurring simultaneously in various scenes and sites. The assorted emergency scenarios include intervention of various rescue and life-saving forces that need to coordinate their operations, such as municipal forces, police, Magen David Adom (Israel’s equivalent to the Red Cross), fire fighting forces, etc. The System also allows for rehearsing communication, C4I, management and inter-coordination capabilities to improve force readiness for emergency situations.

The scenarios utilized in the System were taken from the experience of Israel’s HFC and other agencies; however, the basis of the System is Elbit Systems’ vast operational experience in the training and simulation field, including in the military realm its tactical battle group training, which has been in operational service in the IDF’s Ground Forces Command for several years.

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