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Disability, IT Exemption and the Pakora Syndrome
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 06 Jul , 2019

A recent circular issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) dated June 24, 2019 states that tax exemption for disability pension will be “available only to armed forces personnel who have been invalidated from service on account of bodily disability attributable to or aggravated by such service and not to personnel who have been retired on superannuation or otherwise”.

In reply to an RTI in 2017, it was revealed that MoD had spent Rs 47 cr in fighting cases against pension of widows and disabled.

Media has also quoted an IT official in saying, “Those who retire after full service with some disability will not get income tax exemption”. This raises many questions that need to be addressed.

In December 2014, Lt Gen BK Chopra, then DG Armed Forces Medical Service (AFMS) wrote a demi-official letter (DO Letter No. 04133/1/DGAFMS/DO/2014 dated 16 December 2014) to the Defence Secretary that senior officers of Lt Gen and Maj Gen equivalent who stayed in service as SHAPE-1, suddenly present medical problems before superannuation to claim disability pension, and specialists and medical officers under their command are constrained to oblige. He also mentioned that some senior officers were making such claims ‘post’ retirement. Summarizing the issue, he wrote that “Disability Pensions have become easy and attractive source of tax-free supplementary income rather than the lifeline to wounded veterans that was nobly intended by the lawmakers”, and adding that this “needs to be curbed to prevent the inevitable epidemic of such cases in the future. I look forward to hearing your views and suggestions in this matter”.

Chopra took over DG AFMS on 31 October 2014. Both the Kargil Review Committee and follow up Group of Ministers had recommended placement of  DGAFMS and DGQA under HQ IDS, but the bureaucracy stonewalled it placing personal interests over improvements needed, which is their norm always. Chopra became DG AFMS after fighting a court case and apparently was in a hurry to ingratiate him to the bureaucrats.

The “alarming” trend he mentioned could not have occurred overnight and was he not party to what he mentions while serving in the military, in exchange for gratification in whatever manner including good chits and promotions? What stopped him to put his foot down when confronted with such situation in the military. Whether he was ‘asked’ to write the above letter is not known, but being under MoD, why was Chopra playing safe? Being the topmost medical authority isn’t it ridiculous he asked the defence secretary for views and suggestions in this matter”. Why could he not recommend measures like: disability medical boards be held in sister service, not within own service, and; disability boards in last four years of service be only permitted under tri-service arrangements? Chopra could have specifically cited two-three cases and recommended inquiries, which would have set example for those indulging in misuse (shoot the messenger), but didn’t for protecting himself and his lanyard; corruption is always two-way affair.    

There are several instances of soldiers suffering disability in service and yet continuing in service, most prominent ones being Lt Gens Pankaj Joshi, Vijay Oberoi and Ian Cardozo who lost limbs in action but chose to serve on instead of taking the soft route of getting invalidated out.

In reply to an RTI in 2017, it was revealed that MoD had spent Rs 47 cr in fighting cases against pension of widows and disabled. MoD has been hiring a battery of lawyers, paying them Rs two lakhs each from the defence budget despite having won a single case to-date. Not only is the issue of fighting against pension of disabled and widows unethical, it indicates the sadistic pleasure by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) and the MoF. The aforesaid CBTD circular is a follow up action in the same vein, timed with the change of government. That is why Chopra’s 2014 letter to defence secretary has suddenly re-appeared and become hot news in media. Recall, Nirmala Sitharaman telling Parliament that MoD will not withdraw court cases against widows and disabled though closer to elections news was floated that government will withdraw such litigation on “case to case” basis. The subterfuge between the lines was amply clear because the propaganda otherwise would have been deafening citing cases where government indeed had done so.

Legally, the Interpretation of an individual ‘invalided out’ due to disability attributable to or aggravated by service conditions for pensionary benefits is same as the rule which says that any person who “Retires with Disability,” which is attributable to or Aggravated by Service conditions, will be “Presumed to be Invalidated out from Service,” for Pension benefits. But there is difference in disability pension of persons invalidated out and superannuated / premature retirement (PMR); 50% disability pension for persons who are invalidated out but in PMR / Superannuation cases, disability must be 20% or more to earn disability pension.

The above CBDT circular, says that income tax exemption would be available to all armed forces personnel (irrespective of rank) who have been invalided out of such service on account of bodily disability attributable or aggravated by such service,  not to personnel who have been retired on superannuation or otherwise despite being disabled. This is in sharp contrast to law that caters for compensation to disabled soldiers attributable or aggravated while in service. Creation of new classes within the disabled for purposes of income tax exemption has ramifications that need to be understood in the right perspective.

There are several instances of soldiers suffering disability in service and yet continuing in service, most prominent ones being Lieutenant Generals Pankaj Joshi, Vijay Oberoi and Ian Cardozo who lost limbs in action but chose to serve on instead of taking the soft route of getting invalidated out. There are similar examples down to the soldier level. Are we all of a sudden going to deny income tax exemption to these brave soldiers all these years? 

This perhaps is the first time that the military hierarchy has gone on record against own gallant heroes who gave their blood and limbs in service of the nation…

Replying to a question in Lok Sabha, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said that he would look into the Finance Ministry’s ruling that disability pension will now be taxable unless they were forced or “invalidated” out of service because of the disability sustained in service. Concurrently, a post in circulation by one Commodore Sudheer Parakala who is reportedly related to Finance Minster Nirmala Sitharaman, says (quoting the FM) that withdrawal of income tax exemption where persons with disability continued serving till superannuation is on recommendations of the military, and not initiated by her Ministry. Was the military hierarchy ordained to give such recommendations directly or indirectly? The Pakistani military nurtures a pathological hatred against India but so does our bureaucracy against our Armed Forces. The change of government has caused the bureaucracy to increase hits against the military; the CGDA query on OROP, the fake news about government instructing the Army to ask commanders in Uri, Sunjwan and Nagrota to resign because their bases were breached by terrorists two-three years back, and now this CBDT circular. 

The question also is whether the military hierarchy is afflicted by the ‘Pakora Syndrome’? This is not about one Chief telling his command to shun pakoras and pooris to fight obesity rather than ensuring they adhere to the laid down physical training regime to remain fit. The ‘Pakora Syndrome’ says that in monsoons it is the duty of the potatoes and onions to wrap themselves in beasn (powdered gram) and jump into boiling oil. 

If a particular category of disabled who continued to serve till superannuation were getting income-tax exemption all these years, what is the military’s problem now? Is it necessary to ingratiate yourself to the bureaucracy – à la BK Chopra? Are they even aware that civilians in receipt of disability pension are also granted income-tax exemption and unlike Armed Forces, they are granted income-tax exemption even if the disability is less than 20%. This perhaps is the first time that the military hierarchy has gone on record against own gallant heroes who gave their blood and limbs in service of the nation – what a terrible shame! How they can live in such ignominy is another wonder.

As for cases of pseudo disability boards, definitely strict action must be taken to root out the malpractice and cases reopened where doubts exist. While doctors giving false certification are equally at fault, measures must be instituted to ensure they cannot be pressurized.

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About the Author

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch

is a former Lt Gen Special Forces, Indian Army

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9 thoughts on “Disability, IT Exemption and the Pakora Syndrome

  1. very good views . AFMC GEN chopra has damaged The image of army by writing such letter to MOD WITH A VIEW TO GET SOME FRINGE BENIFIT FROM GOVERNMENT . He should have been shaked and dismissed from service by hen CAOS KNOWING SUCH STUPIT LETTER WRITEN BY THIS GUY SHAME TO amc FOR HAVING SUCH HEAD

  2. Well articulated sir.

    Best to book the manipulators and protectt genuine cases.

    For the Army HQ to fire the gun from the shoulder of an unprofessional DGAFMS exposes its own ineptness and want of effective Leadership. That the AF and Navy were kept out of the loop also says a lot.

  3. Well analysed Gen Katoch Sir! We have had such feeds from you in the past too. We are grateful to you for the same.
    I am not a beneficiary of disability pension, but, strongly support the cause. Those who have erred in claiming disability and those who are instrumental in fixing it for favours must be penalised if found guilty, irrespective of their positions or ranks.
    Thanks Robindra for rounding it off in style.

  4. A well articulated article. The messenger, in this case the DG AFMS, has been singled out for the analysis. But, his message, about the malpractices which has cropped out due to this IT exemption, must be addressed with all sincerity by all concerned. Why should manipulators get this IT exemption? Better solution would be to maintain status quo ante in all the past cases and frame stringent rules for the future retirees. Some suggestions like convening Medical boards under HQ IDS to deal with cases of disability before retirement and so on, suggested by the author himself should be put in practice. Let us not forget that the problem of gaining undue privilege before retirement, getting through the medical boards before promotions etc are real and must be tackled in a war footing, to maintain the fair name of the Armed Forces. We just cannot afford to throw the blame on some selected departments and personalities, where the question of integrity and morality is involved. The concerned authorities must revisit the existing provisions and come out with stringent measures, so that the deserving cases are never ignored and at the same time the disciplinary action be taken against the manipulators.

  5. It is quite glaring that the DO letter of DG AFMS of 2014 was taken out and kept pending till elections are over in 2019. MoD , Ministry of Finance playing passing the buck, musical chairs! The bullet is fired by IT Dept! Such crooked intelligence is always available in abundance with us.
    It appears that the beauracacy is determined to degrade/withdraw the privileges of armed forces personnel. I feel the recent actions implemented to withdraw/curtail the previlages surely will lead to lowering their morale and could prove costly at critical times when sacrifices are not to be given a thought by the defence personnel.
    Moreover, it is likely to become a routine for the retired as well as serving defence personnel to engage in legal cases with the Government!

  6. A Cry of Anguish

    They never served, they never fought.
    But on my Sacrifice,my Bravery ,
    They are the last word.

    They don’t have honesty in their blood,
    Yet claim to love this Nation, more than us.

    Today, for my rightful dues, they make new rules,
    To make the disabled who lost his limb or leg,
    In Service of the motherland ,…..RUE,

    That ,was it all a ……worthwhile thing to do .

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