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Diehl's missile highlights at the Aero India
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 11 Feb , 2011

Diehl Defence is showcasing cutting-edge missile technology made in Europe.

Worldwide IRIS-T is considered a top performer and today´s most advanced short-range air-to-air missile. Series production of the missile started in 2005 within a European cooperation program under the industrial management of Diehl Defence. The infrared guided missile was selected as standard armament of the combat aircraft Eurofighter/Typhoon, F-16, F-18, Tornado and Gripen.

Ten nations have procured IRIS-T so far. Apart from the six program nations Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Spain, export customers include the Air Forces of Austria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. A unique feature of IRIS-T: It provides the basis for an entire missile family with additional applications for ground-based air defence and modern submarine armament.

The IRIS-T SL (SL=Surface Launched) guided missile – an offspring of IRIS-T – has been selected as a complementary missile for the tactical air defence system MEADS of the German Armed Forces. Compared to IRIS-T, IRIS-T SL features a stronger propulsion, ejectable nose cone and integration of a data link. The modern system architecture of IRIS-T SL enables easy integration into existing and future air defence systems.

The IRIS-T SLM (M=Medium Range) is being offered to export customers as a complete system solution for tactical air defence based on IRIS-T SL, launcher vehicles as well as radar and fire control systems.

The modular, air-to-ground HOSBO glide missile without propulsion enables combat aircraft medium-range, precise engagement of soft and hardened ground targets as well as naval vessels. The HOSBO glide missile meets Indian capability requirements for medium-range engagement of ground targets. In 2008, the glide missile was dropped from a Tornado combat aircraft of the German Air Force proving its extraordinary target precision with a direct hit. Other combat aircraft can be equipped with HOSBO as well.

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