Decoding China’s Covid-19 ‘Miracle’!
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 14 May , 2021

Despite the Chinese attempts to cover its tracks some things stand out,

Many of the scientists from Wuhan lab have gone missing.
By February 2020, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) took over the lab.

But more than any other evidence, one fact stands out, of all the countries of the world, only China has managed to get the virus fully under control. This ‘miracle’ is in stark contrast with virtually all other countries of the world who continue to suffer the ravages of the virus. One can discount the fate of chaotic and dystopian US under Trump as brought about by bad leadership. But what about countries like Germany, France or UK that have excellent public health systems? All of them suffered huge number of deaths and infections. India managed to limit the spread in first wave, thanks to a national lockdown, but suffered economically. In the second wave, India is facing mega deaths and infections running into millions every day.

Even one year after the pandemic, scientists all over the world are still groping in dark about the exact nature and behaviour of the virus. Without this vital input, neither the treatment not prevention is fool proof. While the rest of the world grapples with the economic fallout of the pandemic that has led to negative growth rate of all economies, Chinese economy is galloping at double digit growth. This has been possible because China has managed to gain complete control over the pandemic and has returned to pre-Covid 19 normalcies.

This is only possible because Chinese had a head start over the rest of the world in discovering anti-dote to the virus. This seems to be the only plausible reason for Chinese success. The most likely scenario is that the virus was part of the research in Wuhan lab, and accidently got out. This explains the early casualties and virtual quarantine of the entire city of eleven million.

If the above contention is true, then Chinese had full information about the origin, composition, characteristics and vulnerabilities of the Covid-19 virus. After all one is sure that the scientists working in the Wuhan lab would have kept detailed records of their experiments. Armed with this very vital information, it appears that China has managed to find an anti-dote to the virusand made sure that its own population is kept safe from infection. How else does one explain that out of all the countries of the world, only China was spared by the virus!

One can discount the conspiracy theory that it was a Chinese bio-weapon. In that case the Wuhan outbreak would not have taken place. But once the virus began spreading worldwide and began to inflict economic damage, China saw a possible opportunity to advance its goal of world domination. In this it was helped by the facts that since the virus was its own lab grown product, it could quickly find an anti- dote and exploit the opportunity.

There is only one other possible explanation, Chinese are lying and have hidden their casualties. This is not so farfetched at it seems. In the 1960s after the failure of Mao’s ‘Great Leap forward’ experiment, an estimated 20 million Chinese are said to have died due to famine and starvation. All these years China had kept this successfully hidden from the rest of the world. But 2020 is not 1960s, and such huge number of deaths areimpossible to hide in the age of 24×7 satellite coverage.

The characteristics of Covid 19 virus, its un-natural immunity to different climatic conditions and lack of cyclic decline (like other influenza viruses), all point to it being a product of Chinese lab. While China may not have deliberately let out the virus into the world, it seems certain that it was too tempting an opportunity to destroy the world economy and usher in Chinese hegemony in this 100th year celebration of the Chinese Communist Party foundation.

By denying information about the virus to the rest of the world and protecting own people with anti –dote China has indeed achieved a tactical victory of sorts. But will the world ever forgive this Chinese perfidy? China does not have to wait too long, the gathering consensus on isolating China is gathering momentum in all continents. Not since the days of Hitler’s Nazi Germany has the world seen such an alliance taking shape.

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Col Anil Athale

former Joint Director War History Division, Min of Defence. Currently co-ordinator of Pune based think tank 'Inpad' that is affiliated with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.  Also military historian and Kashmir watcher for last 28 years. He has authored book ‘Let the Jhelum Smile Again’ and ‘Nuclear Menace the Satyagraha Approach’ published in 1996, and ‘Quest for Peace: Studies in Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies' as a Chatrapati Shivaji fellow of the USI.

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