China dictates development on Indian territory
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 Jan , 2011

As reported several times on Claude Arpi blog, during the past months, the Chinese have been constructing mega infrastructure projects (roads, airports, five-star hotels) on their side of the LAC, north of Arunachal, Himachal and Ladakh.

For India, the most ominous one is the tunnel (and highway) to Metok,  a few kilometers north of the McMahon Line. 

While Delhi has never uttered a word of complain  or objection to these highly strategic developments, the Chinese not only continue to intrude into the Indian territory, but they also decide if the local population on the Indian side needs a shed or not.

As the result of Delhi’s appeasement policy, ‘permission’ will have to be given by the Ministry of Defence (and cleared by Beijing, I presume) to build any structure withing 50 km inside the Indian territory. This is double standard.

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Claude Arpi

Writes regularly on Tibet, China, India and Indo-French relations. He is the author of 1962 and the McMahon Line Saga, Tibet: The Lost Frontier and Dharamshala and Beijing: the negotiations that never were.

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