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Boeing Delivers Second P-8A Poseidon to US Navy
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Issue Vol. 27.4 Oct-Dec 2012 | Date : 19 Nov , 2012


Boeing has delivered the second production P-8A Poseidon aircraft to the US Navy. The P-8A is a long-range anti-submarine aircraft and a military derivative of the next-generation Boeing 737 family of aircraft, using CFM56-7B engines. The second P-8A delivered to the Navy is one of the 13 patrol aircraft being built for the Navy as part of two contracts awarded to Boeing in 2011. According to Boeing, the Navy will purchase 117 of the P-8A aircraft to replace its fleet of P-3s. “We’re proud to be able to meet our commitment and deliver another Poseidon to the fleet,” said Chuck Dabundo, Boeing Vice-President and P-8 Program Manager. “Navy crews have had a couple of months of training with the first plane, and their feedback has been positive.”

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