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Airbus Helicopters teams up with India’s Mahindra Group
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 03 Jul , 2015

Airbus Helicopters is joining hands with Mahindra Group subsidiary, Mahindra Defence, to produce helicopters in India in order to meet the country’s military requirements. The strengths of both the companies will ensure a strong partnership to present the best rotorcraft solutions for India’s needs and strengthen indigenous industrial capabilities. The teaming represents a significant step forward in the country’s ‘Make in India’ ambition.

“We have an unparalleled track-record of successful industrial collaborations with local partners across the world. We are convinced that with Mahindra we will not only have a mutually rewarding association but one which will offer immense benefits to India,” said Guillaume Faury, Airbus Helicopters President & CEO. “The tie-up is in line with our intent to develop an indigenous industrial ecosystem for helicopters. The joint venture will be dedicated to supplying the Indian Armed Forces with Made-in-India, state-of-the-art helicopters of high reliability, quality and safety standard based on combat-proven platforms.”

Both companies will now get into discussions to finalize the formation of the joint venture which will act as the prime contractor for India’s military helicopter tenders including the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Helicopter, the Naval Utility Helicopter and the Naval Multirole Helicopter procurement programs.

“This arrangement between two established and trusted industrial players will create a formidable partnership,” said S. P. Shukla, Group President, Aerospace and Defence Sector and Chairman, Mahindra Defence Systems Limited. “We have extensive expertise in engineering, automotive and fixed-wing sectors and have made substantial investments in aero components manufacturing, while Airbus Helicopters offers best-in-class rotorcraft platforms. Together, we will produce India’s next-generation helicopters that will not only answer our country’s defence needs but will also have the potential for exports in the future.”

The resulting joint venture aims to become the first private Indian helicopter manufacturer under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. This will create hundreds of high-tech jobs locally and lead to a flow of cutting edge technologies to India should it be selected in the governmental helicopter tenders.

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7 thoughts on “Airbus Helicopters teams up with India’s Mahindra Group

  1. Developing the Indian arms industry is a welcoming news. We here more of them under NDA, that sees it a vital industry to thrust India forward. In the process joint ventures have become the catch phrase with Indian industry rushing to have the lion’s share in the defense market. Joint ventures certainly give the Indian industry the necessary impetus together with the technology. However, i find it rather an obsolete solution. While joint ventures bring in the badly needed technology and save the country the foreign exchange in millions, India is certain to lose the expertise in innovation of her own technologies. Sukoi fighter planes are based on Russian technology. Danush guns are based on bofors gun technology. MBT technology is Russian. The much hyped Brahmos missiles are Russian and Indian co-production. A weapon system produced by foreign collaboration with technology transferred becomes vulnerable and also obsolete over the time. The private sectors involvement must be solely directed on innovation of technologies that will outwit the foreign technologies. DRDO has not stood up to its name and sadly it has not come out with a system on its own research and development, but has name inappropriate. Indian private sectors must be encouraged to innovate systems to meet the next century as it will be a pointless exercise to produce arms with the technology available in the open market.

  2. Green shoots indicating the emerging ” Mil_ Industrial complex in India. Hope our worthy political class can see beyond their perks & privileges, pay hikes & subsidized meals to understand the ramifications and ensure adequate legislation to guard against this.

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