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AgustaWestland Displays AW169 Mockup and Virtual Trainer
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 17 Jul , 2013

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, continues to lead the way in airborne law enforcement safety and innovation by showcasing the AW169 Mockup as well as the Virtual Interactive Procedure Trainer (VIPT) for the GrandNew helicopter within its booth (#413) at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association annual meeting, taking place this week in Orlando.

Members of the airborne law enforcement community are invited to test the VIPT, which features a full cockpit replica of the GrandNew and allows users to practice flight procedures and learn to use the advanced avionicssystems.

The AW169 Mockup will give attendees a preview of the newest generation twin-engine helicopter in its class. The AW169 has been designed to meet the critical and unique needs of airborne law enforcement missions and incorporates next-generation technologies into the rotor system, engines, avionics, transmission, and electrical power generation and distribution systems.

Key features include superior endurance and long range capabilities, large doors for fast and easy egress, an unobstructed cabin, and the ability to participate in rescue missions through the simultaneous installation of amission console and stretcher.

The AW169is on schedule to achieve civil certification in mid-2014 with production also commencing in 2014. The AW169is the latest AgustaWestland aircraft to be manufactured in the United States, at the Philadelphia assembly facility.AgustaWestland’s facilities in Vergiate (Italy) and Yeovil (UK) will also play major roles in the manufacturing activities for the AW169 program.

AgustaWestland Philadelphiaoperates a 275,000 square foot facility, on a 39-acre site at Northeast Philadelphia Airport in Pennsylvania, providing employment for over 560 people. The facilityincludes final assembly lines for the AW119Kx and AW139 helicopters, a parts supply depot for the Americas and a fully approved FAA and JAA repair station. AgustaWestland Philadelphia also performs helicopter customization, has a delivery center for AW109 Power and GrandNew aircraft, and provides maintenance services for customer aircraft based throughout the Americas.

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