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1962 War: Chinese claim they fought in self defence
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 30 Sep , 2012

In continuation with my yesterday’s posting about the Sleeping Burgerade, I am today posting five links to Chinese propaganda videos showing Beijing’s version of the War.

Most of these videos are titled “self-defence against India”. The two first ones (shorter) are in English. They mentioned the setting of the Dhola Post on the Namkha chu (river) on September 8, 1962 as the first Indian attack.

Some vivid images of the PoWs are shown, particularly Brig. John Dalvi (7 Infantry Brigade Commander) and Lt. Col. Maha Singh Rikh of the Rajputs.

The fact that India has not a single photo or footage of the operations in Ziminthang, Walong and Ladakh sectors, while China seems to have hours of footage, shows that it was a premeditated and well-prepared attack from the part of China.

More Video on 1962 War:

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Claude Arpi

Writes regularly on Tibet, China, India and Indo-French relations. He is the author of 1962 and the McMahon Line Saga, Tibet: The Lost Frontier and Dharamshala and Beijing: the negotiations that never were.

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2 thoughts on “1962 War: Chinese claim they fought in self defence

  1. Key point is “China declared ceasefire unilaterally”. Because Nehru rejected the bi-lateral ceasefire offer and vowed to fight on. China had no option to declare “unilateral” ceasefire, vacate Arunachal Pradesh and retreat to prewar position. When enemy retreats, any other nation claims victory. Only Indians can e clueless to claim “debacle”, “defeat” and “humiliation”. Frenchie Arpi cleverly distracts by planting alternative narrative while hiding important aspects.

  2. “The fact that India has not a single photo or footage of the operations” ……
    “shows that…….”

    What BullShit reasoning.

    India hasn’t even declassified the Post War report what does that tell you?

    useless article.

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