Patroller™ UAV system – October 2011
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Date : 10 Mar , 2012

Patroller™-S is a safe and high-performance drone system developed by Sagem (Safran group) to fulfill all types of defence and security missions, including environmental protection.

From September 19 to October 21, 2011, Sagem successfully completed a new series of 14 flight tests of the Patroller™.

The test flights, carried out at the Istres Air force base for this campaign in southern France met the following objectives:
– Qualification of the aircraft’s in-flight performance, including automated landings at a steep glide slope.
– Integration of a new data link for taxiing, and a new, higher-performance imaging chain for target identification.
– Qualification of new flight control functions supporting degraded operating modes, as well as automated touchdowns in case of actuator or propulsion system failure.

Highly reliable and robust UAV system, Patroller™ is designed to answer to highest flight safety requirements thanks to its airframe certified by EASA to civil aviation standards, its triplex Flight Control System, its certified and redundant actuators and its LOS redundant datalink.
Its capabilities allow it to cruise at 20 000 ft for more than 20 hours in its day/night optronics sensor configuration, with two additional fuel tanks under its wings. It may be equipped with additional payloads depending on the mission.

Patroller™ UAV system capitalizes on technologies already developed by Sagem for the Sperwer Mk.II tactical drone, and field experience in Afghanistan.

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