Nepal Earthquake: Operation Maitri
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 29 Apr , 2015

MI17 V5 helicopter with stranded persons

MI17 V5 helicopter with stranded persons
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Stepping up efforts to help Nepal which was struck by severe earthquakes, the IAF is providing relief to the people in distress in Nepal. Since 25 April 2015, the IAF has airlifted a total of 2865 persons, flying a total of 36 fixed wing sorties by C-17 Globemaster III, IL-76, C130J Super Hercules and AN-32 aircraft landing a total of 238.5 tonnes of relief material and equipment. An Indian Air Force (IAF) MI17 V5 helicopter with stranded persons about to land at Kathmandu airport on 26 April 2015 following the relief and rescue operations being carried out in earthquake hit Nepal.

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One thought on “Nepal Earthquake: Operation Maitri

  1. This is the first time our people’s effort came to light and international community started understanding what a real help is. Its not sending troops to kill the people around like what US did it in Iraq by saying tons of WMD (till today they couldn’t prove1mg was there!) was hoarded by then ruler. Paid/drunken media barked for yankees and we know what was it now. But they still show some graphics to make people believe what they have done is right. On the contrary our defense force proved once again what they can do it at the time of need. This is one more feather on your cap like Yemen. Excellent work exemplified!!! We salute you!!

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