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Date : 26 Feb , 2019

Why Gripen=E is the best option for Indian Air Force ? i spoke to a senior official from SAAB, Mr Robb. He gave an in-depth over view on this question, Why?

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One thought on “GRIPEN E

  1. I am not an expert. Just my point of view. Above video is an
    excellent confident explanation. Even the russians will not share the codes and forget the americans. This is the aircraft to go till the Tejas platform is able to deliver in another 10 years. Tejas is just a learning curve. The real aircraft should be the AMCA totally Indian except for the weapons and Engine. Right now only two aircraft make sense. Rafale another 3 squadrons and 6 squadrons of Gripen E makes sense For the aircraft carriers the RAFALE NAVAL version or gripen e naval version to keep the commonality. Even with the above number of aircraft we will not be able to reach the 42 squadrons required for a 2 front war scenario. And forget pakistan but the supporter of pakistan will surprise india with speed and timing (elections) to take arunachal pradesh. that is why it is preparing itself in tibet. Hope India is not caught unaware.

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