Bharat Verma on corruption in defence deals
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By admin
Date : 27 Feb , 2013

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One thought on “Bharat Verma on corruption in defence deals

  1. A shocking state of affairs in the Armed Forces-The Congress led UPA & even the BJP led NDA are both guilty of alowing such scams & corruption to flourish by their acts of Commission & omission…The Rot in the armed forces is now very deep-One has only to be in Jammu or Srinagar for a few days & one can buy almost any army article in the black market-even Army supplied ammunition.The Cadets in NDA,IMA etc are now giving Ist Preference to the Services like ASC,AOC,etc where they can make money. When I was studying in Army Public School & subsequently at AFMC [Pune] My classmates used to give 1st preference to Arms like Armoured & Infantry.The Toppers got Armoured & bottom ones got Army Supply corps & Ordnance etc.Today, it is just the reverse-with the result that Commanding officers of Battalions & Regiments are often Second grade officers & even the Flag officers are of poor Standard…Perhaps,one can even say that some GOC’s need to be called DOC’s [ Dacoit Officer Commanding] looking at the way they loot,,do scams,take bribes,etc.

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