1971 War: Surrender of Pakistan
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By admin
Date : 20 Jun , 2012

The credit for the success of the Indian victory during 1971 Indo-Pak war goes to the Indian Armed Forces\’ lightning offensive, in synergy with the liberation movement of Bangladesh. Operations in the East were to be executed by the Eastern Command. Lt Gen JS Aurora, GOC in C, planned to defeat the very premise of the defender\’s strategy. Three simultaneous Corps thrusts – from the West, from the North West and from the East – converged onto Dacca. There was also a minor push from the North in the Jamalpur Sector. Each of these was to bypass fortified areas to seek objectives in depth. Each Corps was to contain enemy strong points with small forces, while the larger components were to bypass these for objectives in depth. All three corps planned to maintain speed of action, without tactical pauses, for a dash to Dacca before the defences around it could be occupied.

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