1965 India-Pak War, When Indian Army Captured Strategic Haji Pir Pass.
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Date : 10 Aug , 2015

In 1965, General Dyal, then a young major, led a team of soldiers from the 1st Para to capture the strategic Haji Pir pass, which lies a few kilometres beyond the present Line of Control between India and Pakistan.

At 3.55 you will see young col Ranjit Singh Dayal explaining their previous position and entire captured land. This was highly strategic area which India handed over back to Pakistan following the Tashkent Declaration which state that both counties will go back to the positions they held prior to 5 August 1965,

Later in 2002 during a Paratrooper’s Ceremony, Lieutenant General (retired) Ranjit Dyal said that giving back Haji Pir Pass back to Pakistan was a big mistake.

His statement here

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