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Daughter of An Army Soldier
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Tvishaa Gandhi | Date:28 Jan , 2016 4 Comments
Tvishaa Gandhi
Student of Class VIIC at Rajmata Krishna Kumari School, Jodhpur

No one will ever reach even bit of dedication of a SOLDIER ..!!

I am a daughter of an army soldier,

I am stronger and bolder than all other children.

I have seen fathers give their children goodbye kisses every time,

And promising that they will come back sometime.

My father has been serving in the army for 18 glorious years,

Every time he used to miss my birthday party, I held back my tears.

When on leave he used to come home,

In my mind a fervent excitement used to roam,

He had a saga of army experiences,

And I used to tell him about my Sports Day performances.

I never understood

why he used to get upset on a layer of dust on his uniform,

As it was just a piece of green cloth covered with medals and stars.

I used to wonder on what was the difference

between my school uniform and his uniform?

For him it was not just a uniform,

It was his pride and honor.

It made me believe how much he loved his uniform.

Whenever he goes back after leave,

A handful of sorrow sinks in my heart.

Mom always says that brave girls don’t cry

And these motivational words lift my spirit high,

As we sigh and say goodbye.

Life may not be easy for a daughter of an army soldier,

But I have now understood that,

Life is not a journey,

The journey is life.

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