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Growing Warmth in Bangladesh-Myanmar Ties
Anand Kumar | 29 May , 2016 0 comments

Bangladesh and Myanmar share about 271 kilometres of land border, of which around 150 kilometres lie in hilly areas, as well as a maritime border. In the past, their relationship has been marked by tensions due to border disputes and dispute over the migration of Rohingya refugees to Bangladesh. On occasion, these have even led to armed...


Nanoenergetic Materials (nEMs) in Conventional Ammunition

Nanotechnology “could completely change the face of weaponry,” - Andy Oppenheimer, Jane’s Information Group[1]  On 11 September 2007, Russians tested Father of All Bombs (FOAB), an Aviation Thermo baric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP). It was said to be the most powerful conventional bomb in the world, with a 7-Ton explosive mixture...


Emerging Flashpoints in the Himalayas

Flashpoints in the Himalayan region are rising. The US Defence Department has expressed caution about China’s increased troops build-up along the Indian border as well as the likelihood of China establishing “additional naval logistic hubs” in Pakistan.1 From the Chinese perspective, the spectre of jihadi terrorism is spreading across...


Pakistan Army Chief’s Dash to China May 2016 Analysed
Dr Subhash Kapila | 26 May , 2016 2 comments

Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif’s hurried dash to Beijing on May 15 2016 for a two day visit is a pointer to Pakistan’s growing strategic insecurities and re-seeking Chinese security assurances for Pakistan and Pakistan Army Scouring the Pakistani media one failed to find any advance references to the visit of Pak Army Chief’s...


France Strikes Again
Claude Arpi | 25 May , 2016 0 comments

In France, May is traditionally the month of pleasant weather, but also the period when the French go on strike.  Considering that as a student I lived through the momentous month of May 1968, I should not have overlooked this detail when I booked a ticket to visit my family. This year, the French confront a new wave of strikes; this time it...


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