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Modi-Trump summit: Hugs, business and support for India
Tarun Basu | 27 Jun , 2017 0 comments

If hugs and handshakes are markers to personal and bilateral relationships, then the first get-to-know meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump seems to have been singularly successful. The optics – as seen on TV – showed Trump proffering his hand of friendship to Modi – he called him a “true friend”...


GHAZWA-e-HIND – Revival and Re-assertion is dangerous to Indian Security
R Upadhyay | 26 Jun , 2017 2 comments

The Indian Media on June 5 mentioned about a recorded message of Zakir Musa the former Hizbul Mujhahideen Commander of Kashmir that slammed the Indian Muslims for not joining Islamic jihad for ‘Gazwa-e-Hind’(the final and last battle for the conquest of India). This provocative audio message included the following excerpts: “They (Indian...


The Tibet Recipe, a New Airport in Xinjiang
Claude Arpi | 25 Jun , 2017 0 comments

Xinhua announced yesterday the construction of a new regional airport in Xinjiang. It will be built in Yutian, a remote County of Hotan/Khotan Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR). Yutian is also known as Keryia. Already in 1953  On July 15, 1953, a CIA note dealing with “Chinese Communist Troops, West Tibet” and “Road...


Crisis in the Gulf: Implications for India
Ashok Sajjanhar | 24 Jun , 2017 0 comments

The Persian Gulf region was shaken by a massive political earthquake on June 5, 2017 when four Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt – announced that they were severing all political, economic and diplomatic links with Qatar, a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The four countries were soon...


Blasting its Way into no Future: Spiraling Insecurity Amidst Political Chaos in Afghanistan
Chayanika Saxena | 23 Jun , 2017 0 comments

Blasts and the consequent loss of human lives and damage to property are, unfortunately, not new to Afghanistan. The dent that is caused to domestic faith and morale are even harder to repair than the shattered windows and broken doors. The rising height of the ‘security’ walls around the yet-so-vulnerable compounds is demonstrative of the...


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