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100% FDI in Defence: Can it Help India Become an Arms Producer?
Bhartendu K Singh | 29 Jun , 2016 1 comment

The recent policy announcement of a 100 percent limit in FDI in the defence sector is another turning point in India’s quest for self-reliance in arms production. For long, the industry and the business sector in India and abroad have been demanding unlimited access to foreign investments in defence sector on the same lines as it exists in...


Playing it Big or a Proxy?: Bangladesh’s Growing Closeness to China
Amitava Mukherjee | 29 Jun , 2016 0 comments

In the last week of May 2016, Bangladesh had hosted the Chinese Defence Minister, General Chang Wanguan, in a quiet manner. But, the visit must have raised eyebrows in the corridors of power in New Delhi because it has signaled the possibility of China and Bangladesh serving each other’s strategic and military needs in near future which may...


One Belt One Road: Slippages on Smooth Silk?
Rameshwar Roy | 28 Jun , 2016 0 comments

Introduction When in 2013, Xi Jinping announced the One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Maritime Silk Route projects, many thought it would be a game changer in the following years, as far as power projection and economic might of Rising China was concerned. But, down the line, one has been hearing more about it as a news making event only. Going by...


China wants a Beijing-led Asian Century: India peripheral to its Strategic Ambitions

The plenary meeting of the 48-member NSG (nuclear suppliers group) held in Seoul concluded on June 24 with no specific reference to India’s application as a participating government. China supported by a few other nations was able to block any meaningful discussion on the subject – much to India’s disappointment. This inconclusive result,...


Revisiting 27 May, 1949- To Understand Nehru and His Kashmir Policy
Hari Om Mahajan | 27 Jun , 2016 0 comments

It is widely believed that Jammu and Kashmir came in for discussion in the Indian Constituent Assembly, only on 17 October 1949. That was when Article 306-A (Article 370) was adopted and the state was permitted to have a special relationship with the Union Government. This assessment is partially correct. A scrutiny of the proceedings of the...


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