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The love affair with Imran Khan is over, its back to business in Kashmir
Mehtab Karan Singh | 18 Sep , 2018 0 comments

The terror machinery operating from Pakistan has reactivated itself in a big way. The big words that he spoke of taking two steps forward if India takes one have proved to be just that – words. He has done nothing whatsoever to curb his wayward army and its nefarious arm of fundamentalist militants who keep the pot of terror boiling in Jammu...


Myanmar Under Siege: Give Suu Kyi some Respite!

The Myanmar Government appears to be coming under a siege mainly by the international organizations and some western countries. If their idea is to throw Myanmar back into the arms of the Chinese, they are perhaps already succeeding.  Even if the Government and the people want to get out of the stranglehold of China, the mission of these...


Land Ahoy! Debarment Systems in Ministry of Defence start Coming of Age
Sandeep Verma | 15 Sep , 2018 0 comments

Despite the Government of India (GoI) having issued perhaps the most advanced and comprehensive guidelines anywhere in the world on blacklisting/debarment1 as early as 1971, its own Ministry of Defence (MoD) continued with an ad-hoc approach2 until as late as 2013. This divergence in approach was stark to the extent that that the ministry’s...


Exposing a repressive campaign in Xinjiang
Claude Arpi | 14 Sep , 2018 0 comments

Chinese brutality towards the Uighur Muslim minority is not new but what is surprising is that nobody dares to question Beijing. Why these double standards? Last week, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a 117-page report titled, ‘Eradicating Ideological Viruses — China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims’, which gave...


US responsible for mess in Afghanistan

The US has been in Afghanistan since 2001, all through seeking a way out. Its entry was an act of retaliation to 9/11 and justified, but since then, it has been at the losing end. It was an open secret that Pak was blaming a double game, supporting the Taliban with the money it received from the US. Thus rightly, the US has over the years...


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